Sounds on Sunday 23

Good morning, commiserations to those of you on British Summertime, who are stumbling around bleary-eyed, having lost an hour overnight. Here are nineteen tracks to bring you round – thanks to all contributors, and please remember to leave your feedback on the tracks in the comments below.

Eric Brandon – Old Love: Acoustic folk / Americana from Eric’s album Old Love released on January 6th. “Recorded in both Hamilton, ON, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee … it’s a short collection of songs I’m proud to put out there … everybody’s looking for something, and I’m no exception, and I’ve always been inspired by my grandparents. My whole life they would swoon over each other with this infectious, unbreakable love that they’d parade around like a prize – whatever it is we’re all looking for, they had it. As a kid this left me hungry to find something real for myself. So, I’ve always had this hunger for an old love, true and strong at its core. This EP is a collection of songs about the chase to have this in my own heart and to seek it out in someone else. You’ll hear both wins and losses, the lessons and cost in an effort to find old love.”

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