Sounds on Sunday 23

Good morning, commiserations to those of you on British Summertime, who are stumbling around bleary-eyed, having lost an hour overnight. Here are nineteen tracks to bring you round – thanks to all contributors, and please remember to leave your feedback on the tracks in the comments below.

Eric Brandon – Old Love: Acoustic folk / Americana from Eric’s album Old Love released on January 6th. “Recorded in both Hamilton, ON, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee … it’s a short collection of songs I’m proud to put out there … everybody’s looking for something, and I’m no exception, and I’ve always been inspired by my grandparents. My whole life they would swoon over each other with this infectious, unbreakable love that they’d parade around like a prize – whatever it is we’re all looking for, they had it. As a kid this left me hungry to find something real for myself. So, I’ve always had this hunger for an old love, true and strong at its core. This EP is a collection of songs about the chase to have this in my own heart and to seek it out in someone else. You’ll hear both wins and losses, the lessons and cost in an effort to find old love.”

My Native Tongue – Multa: “Big thanks for covering My Native Tongue’s last single (SoS 16), the boys were very grateful for the support. I wanted to send their follow up track, Multa. Quite an impressive display of songwriting by these 16 year old triplets.”

Jesper Ryom – Pacer: “From the compilation album Liquors#1 ”Since 2012, Délicieuse Records revealed a few talents on the electronic music scene. Among the artists discovered by the label: Parra for Cuva, Jesper Ryom, Viken Arman, Trashlagoon and Jacob Groening. Representing a certain era in the evolution of the label, this first page in the history of Délicieuse Records is … commemorated with the compilation Liquors#1 which brings together one exclusive title for each artist, who all have traveled through a beautiful path since their start on Délicieuse.”

Gojko – Luxury: Gojko is from “a small, poverty-stricken war-torn town” in Serbia. Interested in dancing and singing from an early age, at 17 he moved to Belgrade where he attended an elite music school and was trained in “Bel Canto”. His out-going personality and desire for a better standard of living led him to the USA, where he volunteered, teaching children to sing and dance. He is now a model and a singer, working with big names in the music industry.

kandersonmusic – Bitter Wind: “My name is K Anderson, and I am a London based singer-songwriter. I’ve just released my new single, Bitter Wind … A song that I wrote after my parents asked me to go back in the closet, Bitter Wind is a searing rock track that harkens back to early R.E.M., The Cure, and with just a smidgen of Stevie Nicks.” “He comes from the too-much-information school of songwriting, which is exactly why I like him. He says things that you never hear anybody else say in a song” – Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music.

Anthony Weis – Creation’s Riff: Lead track off the album “Smashed Against Infinity”, released on 1st March, “a bright, joyous experimental hard rock record”, and my favourite track this week. Anthony says: “The writing and recording of Smashed Against Infinity, my 4th and latest album, came together with a burst of energy unlike any project previously.  Midway through creating what I thought would be my next record, I got the distracting urge to write loud, more aggressive music, which in turn lead me back to my roots.  After beginning this album in September 2016, the music flooded out instinctively, with little rational oversight.  It was completely mixed by December … This album follows up the four piece ambient rock suite Sound Continuous (2016), the sparser minimal rock album Aubade Crowning (2014), and the eclectic Knowledge & Compromise (2013).”

Weinf – Purple Bird and Other Strange Songs: From Barcelona, “Hey, Weinf here. I’m writing this … to announce that my second LP, “Purple Bird and Other Strange Songs”, will come out on April 3rd on Custom Made Music, from Virginia, USA. The record has eleven songs, with two instrumentals among them, composed and recorded in a very tricky period of my life and influenced by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Doors and Morphine, among others. To accompany this news, I’d like to present the tune that inspires the record’s name, “Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests”.

Traveller – All This Time: “The summer of 2012 saw Gerry Sheridan and Simon Usher begin their songwriting partnership, which progressed to become Traveller in January 2016 when they were joined by Martin Yves on guitar and Brian Socha on bass. By spring 2016 the band had written and recorded their debut EP at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh. Taking just four days to complete, ‘All This Time’ enabled Traveller to connect to an ever growing fanbase who are drawn to their Anthemic Rock wall of sound.”

Wez Richmond – Away You Go: Wez Richmond is a 20 year old musician from Devon. This is the debut track for his upcoming EP ‘Old Mill’.

The White Panda – Bebe Rexha – I Got You remix: Electronic dance music from The White Panda.

Stelle Amor – Spike’s Groove: “Sultry new single from Nashville ‘soulternative’ singer Stelle Amor.”

The Pulltops – Destination: “The Pulltops are a Milwaukee-based power-pop trio with a singing drummer. They’re celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of “Destination” (Silent Underground mix). Their music is best described as energetic album-rock meets power-pop delivered with a punk edge. The trio formed in Milwaukee in 2002 with the release of their first and more upbeat power-pop focused release, “8-Track”. Since then, they have added in classic-rock elements along with instrumental experimentation, resulting in a mix of hooks and moody rock. The band is primarily comprised of guitarist Tom Crowell and drummer/vocalist Mark Pierret. Bassist Steve Kerwin is a frequent presence when performing live.”

Otm Shank – Bounce: *Apologies I haven’t included the link. I’m trying to sort this out asap*. From the eponymous EP, “Have you ever had an alter-ego? A British man decided to embrace his admiration for Indian culture by creating his Otm Shank, who began a lifelong study of the ancient art of the Indian hand drum tabla with his guru, the great Debasish Chaudhuri, Otm takes the instrument to uncharted electronic places over 2 unique tracks. Made almost entirely from sampling and pitch-shifting tabla samples, Otm teases the listener between ordering them to “bounce” in energetic sub bass overload, where’s the beat? rhythmic madness, and then “relax” in trippy, spaced out, inter-dimensional breakdowns.”

Joel Porter – St Anthony: From the new “Mountain Twin” EP – “Joel Porter started playing music at an early age, starting with violin and then moving onto French horn (5th grade), guitar and bass (6th grade), and songwriting in high school. Porter and Eric Hillman (producer + 1/2 the band Foreign Fields) recorded everything on ‘Mountain Twin’ in the Dark Heart studio by themselves … “I grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota. It’s a city of 70k people, by a river in the heart of the Midwest,” Porter explains. “It’s full of rolling golden hills during the summer and desolate snowy plains during the winter. You feel like you can see forever. That open space fuels my writing, and I try to get back home as much as possible to let my mind roam.””

Shallows – Matter: “Shallows is Dani Poppitt and Marshall Gallagher, two imminent songwriter/producers living in Los Angeles. The project itself is the center of an ambitious musical venn diagram; an attempt to erase the line between alternative and pop, underground and mainstream, grunge and glitter. By using sounds and melodies plucked from all decades and disciplines of music, Poppitt and Gallagher design songs with little regard for current fashion, while still respecting the craft of creating relevant pop hits. And of course, having a little too much fun in the process.” Listen here, on Vevo:

Chick Quest – One Dead End Leads To Another: “My name is Iris and I play drums in a post-punk/art-rock band from Vienna, Austria, called Chick Quest.  We released our highly anticipated 2nd album, Model View Controller, (recently) on Triangular Sounds … We’ve been gaining considerable attention in the last couple of years from our unusual blend of lo-fi pop (à la Le Tigre), late 70’s dancey post-punk (Manicured Noise), Krautrock (Neu!), and — I mean this in the least gimmicky-sounding way— Ennio Morricone soundtrack scores.”

Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts – Modern Outlaw Country: This Denver band “is hitting the road again in April for a full west coast tour in support of their new album Shovel Full of Coal … Due March 28, Shovel Full of Coal features 10 tracks that infuse Chrys’ hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll chops with gritty steel guitar and classic country sound. A genre all their own, their music is a dedication to the spirit of traditional outlaw country artists, inspiring new energy to music fans who love the heroes of the old; this is Modern Outlaw Country.” Link here (scroll down to number 8) –
Westword’s 15 Best Videos in Colorado

Nick di Gregorio – Lauren Brown and Collisions in Love: “Melbourne native Nick Di Gregorio announced himself in 2016 with the release of his debut EP ‘Lover Birds’. The 6-track offering provides a snapshot of life and love for a musician making his way in London. Songs like ‘Lauren Brown’  and ‘Collisions in Love’ showcase his Jazz leanings and knack for writing indie-pop flavoured acoustic gems which have drawn comparisons with John Mayer, Damien Rice, The Shins and John Martyn.  Not afraid to convey a personal story in his music, there is a level of honesty not often seen in such a young artist, not to mention clever guitar licks and a distinctive vocal tone throughout.”


9 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 23

      • Just trying it myself … OK, got in the 2nd time but couldn’t log in with the WordPress icon. Had to fill in my email address, name, and the ‘Spill URL, then it let me log in on WordPress. Tedious, I have no idea why it’s doing this unless it’s something to do with renewing the domain mapping, perhaps we all have to prove who we are again. (This is a wild guess).

  1. Eric Brandon – Old Love I am pretty much in the mood for Americana at the moment, no idea why. I really like this. It has a nice loping groove and that mournful pedal steel colouring always works for me.

    My Native Tongue – Multa I am not 100% convinced my this one, but I agree that it is an impressive display of songwriting by such young writers. I shouldn’t carp. I couldn’t produce anything as good as this.

    Jesper Ryom – Pacer I do like this. It would be fantastic driving music, on an autoroute, heading across France in the crisp early morning on a sunny day.

    Gojko – Luxury Sorry, but this sounds like something from the Eurovision Song Contest. Not for me at all.

    kandersonmusic – Bitter Wind Not sure. It is OK but perhaps I’m not in the right mood for it? Maybe a second listen might help.

    Anthony Weis – Creation’s Riff This is a bit of an oddity. Lots of ideas here, but I’m not sure that it all really gels properly. Interesting though. I kept on listening to see what would happen next.

    Weinf – Purple Bird and Other Strange Songs From the blurb, I had high expectations from this and it really didn’t disappoint me. Terrific stuff. That organ really drives it along. It really is a very effective track. I’d happily listen to a whole album of this sort of thing.

    Traveller – All This Time Another fairly conventional rock band with a power-poppy edge and what sounds like an attitude that translate into a good bit of swagger on stage. Yeah, that works for me.

    Wez Richmond – Away You Go OK, so Wez isn’t breaking any moulds here, but he is only 20 and his song has a lovely feel to it, and the guitar sound is good. I’d like his voice a bit more forward in the mix, because there is a kind of Roy Harper thing going on here that works well. Nice track.

    The White Panda – Bebe Rexha – I Got You remix No thanks. I have that Autotune vocals thing and the song is annoying.

    Stelle Amor – Spike’s Groove Several kitchen sinks were sacrificed in the making of this record, I suspect. This isn’t what I’d call “sultry”. I’d call it a noisy pastiche of other things that deserve better treatment.

    The Pulltops – Destination This is OK, but it is the kind of thing that we have all heard a thousand times before. It got a bit more interesting with the slowed-down passage but then it went into a sort of The Edge guitar break which ruined it completely.

    Otm Shank – Bounce Hopefully there will be a chance to hear this at some point.

    Joel Porter – St Anthony Joel’s voice reminds me of someone, but I can’t put my finger on who it is. I liked this. There are a lot of ideas here and they all come together nicely.

    Shallows – Matter I didn’t think I was going to like this from reading the blurb, but I did, actually. I am a sucker for a bit of 80s big production power balladry. I can imagine this on the soundtrack for an 80s rom-com, probably starring Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Shue. Terrific sound and I loved the guitar break.

    Chick Quest – One Dead End Leads To Another Huge fun. This has a different sort of 80s vibe, a more underground one. I get the Krautrock connection. I like this one too.

    Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts – Modern Outlaw Country I bet that this band is a lot of fun to go and see. Not sure that this is a genre all their own, though, because I’ve pretty much heard stuff like this plenty of times before, but that didn’t stop me enjoying this.

    Nick de Grigorio – Lauren Brown and Collisions in Love The first one was OK, I liked the guitar break, that was enjoyable. The second one was perfectly pleasant too, but overall I found both songs a bit bland and anonymous. I certainly wouldn’t make any John Martyn comparisons.

    • Hope to include Otm Shank next week, I realised I didn’t have a public link so I’ve asked for one. My mistake. (BTW I’m still having trouble logging on, too, no idea why).

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