Earworms 27 March 2017

First off, a big “Welcome back!” to toffeeboy and tfd, nice to see you both, and please drop in again! Let’s hope you encourage others to re-visit Earworms too. The idea is very simple, just send in an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, to earworm@tincanland.com, and a few lines saying why you’ve chosen it. We have some excellent worms for you today, thanks very much to all our contributors.

Bob Weir – Lay My Lily Down – CaroleBristol: I didn’t know that Bob Weir had released an album in 2016 until about three weeks ago. Anyway, he did, his third solo outing and his first solo album since 1978. It is a rich and deep album, very different from anything he did with the Grateful Dead, and features members of The National, with many of the songs co-written by Josh Ritter. It will take a lot of listens to really get to know, but this track Lay My Lily Down is the one that has made the biggest impression on me so far.

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