Earworms 27 March 2017

First off, a big “Welcome back!” to toffeeboy and tfd, nice to see you both, and please drop in again! Let’s hope you encourage others to re-visit Earworms too. The idea is very simple, just send in an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, to earworm@tincanland.com, and a few lines saying why you’ve chosen it. We have some excellent worms for you today, thanks very much to all our contributors.

Bob Weir – Lay My Lily Down – CaroleBristol: I didn’t know that Bob Weir had released an album in 2016 until about three weeks ago. Anyway, he did, his third solo outing and his first solo album since 1978. It is a rich and deep album, very different from anything he did with the Grateful Dead, and features members of The National, with many of the songs co-written by Josh Ritter. It will take a lot of listens to really get to know, but this track Lay My Lily Down is the one that has made the biggest impression on me so far.

Indian Ocean – Ma Rewa – Ravi Raman: by the original line up of this band which specialises in taking folk songs and adding a jazz- rock twist. This is an old folk song about the Narmada river. “Ma Rewa (its name around the place of origin) your water is pure/ It flows like this making ripples.”

A Girl Called Eddy – Somebody Hurt You – Toffeeboy: A friend of mine casually mentioned the other day that I might like a singer called A Girl Called Eddy – he said that Tracey Thorn was a fan and … well … that was good enough for me! A quick visit to iTunes and I was listening to her 2001 EP and 2004 album – and I was instantly sold. The only downside is that there’s nothing else out there. Rumours that she was working on a new album back in 2014 don’t appear to have resulted in anything. Fingers crossed that something materialises soon …

June Tabor and The Oyster Band – Lullaby of London – severin: From their 1990 album, Freedom and Rain. I bought it many years later after seeing them play at the South Bank. Ticket courtesy of tfd who bought it and then couldn’t attend. I do like the almost Cajun sound of the accordion on this one.

Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express – Bad Year For Rock And Roll- tincanman: Chuck introduced a few songs from his recent (Feb) album, Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins, at a New Year’s Eve concert in Berkeley, CA – including this David Bowie memorial. Sound quality is iffy but it sure is fun picking out all the references.

Robb Johnson – Why Not? – tfd: I’m having a bit of a Robb-fest at the moment, having discovered all the stuff they’ve got on Spotify. This is on there too, but you’ll also be able to find it in a box near you, and you can keep it! Why not?

Image Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_rasstock’>rasstock / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

19 thoughts on “Earworms 27 March 2017

  1. Indian Ocean – Ma Rewa This is great fun, I really enjoyed this one. The playing is great, oddly some of reminds me of the Greatful Dead playing acoustic instruments. Fantastic.

    A Girl Called Eddy – Somebody Hurt You This is gorgeous. I love the low-key but still sumptuous instrumentation and 60s-style production on it. She’s got a terrific voice too. Wikipedia informs me that Richard Hawley produced this, which explains everything. I’m going to have to listen to what else is out there now.

    June Tabor and The Oyster Band – Lullaby of London I only really know June Tabor from her collaboration with Maddy Prior as The Silly Sisters. A friend gave me a tape of their first album when it came out, but, like all tapes it gave up the ghost a very long time ago. I liked this, a lovely bouncy fun song.

    Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express – Bad Year For Rock And Roll Shame about the lo-fi sound, because this sounds great. I used to like Green On Red, but never kept up with Chuck’s solo work. Maybe that was a mistake?

    Robb Johnson – Why Not? Hmm. Not sure. The words are great but the music really isn’t my sort of thing. I think that this would be more fun live. Sorry.

    So, what did I like best this week? It is a tough call, but it really has to be A Girl Called Eddy.

  2. I did enjoy the Bob Weir and Indian Ocean ones very much. Girl Called Eddie even more. Reminded me of Dusty which can only be good. Not as keen on the last two. Quite liked Chuck Prophet (despite the sound) without being overwhelmed and didn’t really enjoy the Robb Johnson at all. His stuff doesn’t work for me at all. Sorry.

  3. I liked Bob Weir and Girl Called Eddie. Lots. The lovely bass in the latter just about takes it ahead. Toffeeboy: any info on who the bassist is will be hugely appreciated.
    I know of June Tabor and Chuck Prophet only via RR. Both continue to delight.
    And I really would like to know how we can make the rich pay. It’s a subject that is exercising us here not least because we’re trying to win a crucial by poll.

  4. Glad you all seem to be enjoying A Girl Called Eddy.

    Ravi, I found a review on the All Music blog http://www.allmusic.com/album/a-girl-called-eddy-mw0000206891 which suggests that the bass was played either by Richard Hawley or, more likely, by Colin Elliot http://www.record-producers.com/clients/colin-elliot/ Elliot is Hawley’s long-term producer and, according to Discogs, has a number of credits as bass player – in fact his picture on Discogs is of him playing the bass… https://www.discogs.com/artist/348141-Colin-Elliot

  5. I’m not sure what is causing the sign in problems. I haven’t had any but am permanently​ signed in on my phone and laptop via the WordPress app or dashboard.
    Are you signing in via WordPress or some other way? Although I’m not sure what other way there would be…

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