Feel the love


Hi ‘Spillers.  Today has been a difficult and emotional day in the UK for at least half the population as we embark on a long road of negotiation that will see our country part ways with our near neighbours.  I’ve read some vitriol again today and know I have to ready myself for so much more to come.  In an attempt to take my mind off things I was going to ask you all to suggest some break-up songs but at the last minute have changed my mind to stay positive.  Let’s have some love instead.

Tell me your favourite love songs.  It would be good to hear of some you think are underrated or have been forgotten about or that are just special to you.

Two songs I always enjoy hearing and make my heart beat a tad faster are Gorecki by Lamb and Northern Sky by Nick Drake. So here you go, I hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy on such a day.


Set Adrift


Daryl Kellie & Jon Hart are a fingerstyle acoustic duo featuring two of UK’s best percussive fingerstyle guitar-singers. Their new album, Set Adrift, is due for release on 6 May. The YouTube videos featured here give a taster of their impressive style.

What started off as a collaboration idea to write a few songs on a houseboat, resulted in a 5-day tour on the Thames and an album’s worth of material. Set Adrift is a combination of originals and covers drawing in influences from fingerstyle, folk and jazz. It was recorded in a 17-hour stint on the boat giving it a raw and organic sound – creaks and all.

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