Feel the love


Hi ‘Spillers.  Today has been a difficult and emotional day in the UK for at least half the population as we embark on a long road of negotiation that will see our country part ways with our near neighbours.  I’ve read some vitriol again today and know I have to ready myself for so much more to come.  In an attempt to take my mind off things I was going to ask you all to suggest some break-up songs but at the last minute have changed my mind to stay positive.  Let’s have some love instead.

Tell me your favourite love songs.  It would be good to hear of some you think are underrated or have been forgotten about or that are just special to you.

Two songs I always enjoy hearing and make my heart beat a tad faster are Gorecki by Lamb and Northern Sky by Nick Drake. So here you go, I hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy on such a day.


49 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. I met the Ms on Westminster Bridge 14 years ago – the Statue of Boudica and her sisters right behind me (we now live in the Independent Republic of Iceni (or East Anglia if you prefer)) – the previous week she had stopped in at my friend Emma’s flat in Bournemouth that I was crashing at, it was 1am. I didn’t really talk to her – but she overheard that I was working in Kent. As she and her friends left she said to me “I’ll see you at the anti-war demonstration – outside Westminster station” and she gave me her number.
    I hadn’t really been very political since nearly being imprisoned for deliberately wasting court time during the Poll tax idiocy – I don’t really like large gatherings of people unless music is playing – I had done the London thing in my teens and had been happy to avoid the place as much as possible for a decade.
    I really did think there shouldn’t be a war – I went.

    Westminster station had been closed because it was so busy.
    Phone signals were almost impossible to connect.
    There were lots of people.
    She found me – by the end of the day we kissed.

    I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration – Jens Lekman

  2. Nice idea, Sarah – and a couple of my favourite songs!

    Because it’s always cheered me up (rather than because I think it’s the best song ever – though it’s nearest the perfect pop song that I can think of), I’d go for Pure by the Lightning Seeds.

  3. Incidentally, is there an automatic redirect from the old URL for people, unlike me, who aren’t registered on WordPress? I just got the ‘out of date domain mapping, please log in’ before I remembered that we’d switched.

      • There is some info here which you may well have explored, along with the FAQ link at the side of that page. A quick look suggests that Ed might have to renew it as the original purchaser; your being the new admin for the site might not be enough.

        • Thanks Tim. I’ve done all of that plus even raised a query with WordPress. Upshot is, Ed doesn’t know what’s happened and hasn’t got the time to sort it out. We are where we are as they say…

  4. I’m tired and only on my phone here, so links will not be forthcoming, I’m afraid.

    Marc Cohn – True Companion

  5. Good idea to cheer us up. I’ve been watching the 6Music Festival on and off today and avoiding news channels. However, despite many fine songs featured there, my song about love is Terrapin by the sadly deceased Syd Barrett. I find it utterly charming and sweet, but Mr Bethnoir is not a fan.

  6. Two cracking choices there Sarah. Gorecki was one of my very first and proudest RR A-listers 10 or so years ago – for “Devoted Love”. Northern Sky – in with a shout for the most beautiful song ever recorded – also made that list: http://rrindex.com/topics/devotedlove.htm

    You know, it’s quite hard to choose a favourite love song… So here’s “The Book of Love” by the Magnetic Fields, because a friend sang it at my wedding:

    And for musical and lyrical lushness, the Cowboy Junkies’ “Darkling Days”:

  7. Well the first things that come to mind are these:
    “One Love”
    “Is This Love?”
    “Turn Your Lights Down Low”
    “Could You Be Loved?”
    “Baby, We’ve Got a Date (Rock it Baby)”
    “Mellow Mood”
    “No Woman, No Cry”
    “Satisfy my Soul”
    Take your pick.

  8. Jo Stafford – If I Loved You

    words wouldn’t come in an easy way, round in circles I’d go

    I ponder from time to time, how under-rated Oscar Hammerstein is as a lyricist. There’s a story that he interrupted someone talking about Jerome Kern writing “Old Man River”, and saying that no, actually Kern wrote “Da Da Da-Da”…

    Anyway, this isn’t the best-known tune from Carousel, but it’s lovely, and something that anyone who may have become tongue-tied at any point can relate to. I listened to a few versions and I like this one the best, Jo Stafford keeps it simple and doesn’t mess about with the phrasing.

    If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post, I find that wine, beer and chocolate can all help.

    • Trouble – Little Feat

      Your eyes are tired and your feet are too
      And you wish the world was as tired as you
      Well I’ll write a letter and send it away
      And put all the troubles in it that you had today

  9. Love songs, hmm!

    Go to artist must be Faith Hill, so here’s three from her: This Kiss, The Way You Love Me and Breathe

    Staying with country got to have Shania Twain’sYou’re Still The One

    You’ve got to have some rock love songs, so how about:

    The Stranglers’ version of All Day and All of the Night

    Have to have Led Zeppelin’s Thank You

    Springsteen’s If I Should Fall Behind (though Faith Hill does a cracking version of this too)

    and to close Hootie and the BlowfishHold My Hand

    Here’s Leavey’s Love Songs

  10. I woke today, and felt your side of bed
    The covers were still warm where you’d been layin’
    You were gone, my heart was filled with dread
    You might not be sleeping here again

    It’s a love song filled with trepidation, particularly appropriate for our current situation….

    Grateful DeadLooks Like Rain

  11. I don’t know, I’m someone whose wedding playlist included Love Will Tear Us Apart, Temple Of Love (“love is always over in the morning” says Baron Von Eldritch) and Woman by the Anti-Nowhere League. Happily my wife still finds all this highly amusing to this day. But I think this is quite nice and upbeat if you allow for the possible puerile innuendo
    The Dickies – It’s Huge

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