Set Adrift


Daryl Kellie & Jon Hart are a fingerstyle acoustic duo featuring two of UK’s best percussive fingerstyle guitar-singers. Their new album, Set Adrift, is due for release on 6 May. The YouTube videos featured here give a taster of their impressive style.

What started off as a collaboration idea to write a few songs on a houseboat, resulted in a 5-day tour on the Thames and an album’s worth of material. Set Adrift is a combination of originals and covers drawing in influences from fingerstyle, folk and jazz. It was recorded in a 17-hour stint on the boat giving it a raw and organic sound – creaks and all.

They say: “Pretty much everyone has ‘that friend in a band’ or an ‘Uncle Steve who used to play drums in Marillion’. We’ve all seen the gig, helped carry the bass amp to the boot of the Ford Grenada and purchased the CD to help fund the half-tank of unleaded needed to make it to Dunstable in time for tomorrow night’s gig. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that organising a tour is at worst a massive ball ache and at best a labour of love. Surely only a couple of world class nutters would plan to organise a music tour with the only form of transport being a 40 foot 1989 Springer Narrowboat…

Back in 2016, guitarists Daryl Kellie and Jon Hart made it their business to do just that. They not only managed it but also recorded an album in the process! The boys have previously received a lot of attention as pioneers of the acoustic percussive guitar genre, and although previously compared to the likes of Andy McKee and Jon Gomm, this album delves deep into the guitar sack for some choice nuggets of Merle Travis inspired picking and earthy folk.

The Album has been completely fan funded through PledgeMusic and the lads certainly haven’t been backwards in coming forward in their campaign, having offered pledgers everything from the chance to buy their own instruments to coming to Daryl’s own home (the notorious houseboat in question) to have a guitar lesson, recording session, or just a beer and a cruise.

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Catch the boys on their ‘dry land’ tour (they decided to leave the boat behind this time in favour of more conventional modes of transport) in venues around the UK from April 2nd.

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