Sounds on Sunday 24

First up, you may have noticed that The ‘Spill has changed its web address – from now on you can find us at

Second up, my apologies to Otm Shank, who should have featured last week but is now top of the list in this week’s collection of sounds. And to Nick Di Gregorio, whose name I misspelled, and who is second on the list today.

Third up, thanks to all contributors, and enjoy the music!

Otm Shank – Bounce: From the eponymous EP, “Have you ever had an alter-ego? A British man decided to embrace his admiration for Indian culture by creating his Otm Shank, who began a lifelong study of the ancient art of the Indian hand drum tabla with his guru, the great Debasish Chaudhuri, Otm takes the instrument to uncharted electronic places over 2 unique tracks. Made almost entirely from sampling and pitch-shifting tabla samples, Otm teases the listener between ordering them to “bounce” in energetic sub bass overload, where’s the beat? rhythmic madness, and then “relax” in trippy, spaced out, inter-dimensional breakdowns.”

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