Sounds on Sunday 24

First up, you may have noticed that The ‘Spill has changed its web address – from now on you can find us at

Second up, my apologies to Otm Shank, who should have featured last week but is now top of the list in this week’s collection of sounds. And to Nick Di Gregorio, whose name I misspelled, and who is second on the list today.

Third up, thanks to all contributors, and enjoy the music!

Otm Shank – Bounce: From the eponymous EP, “Have you ever had an alter-ego? A British man decided to embrace his admiration for Indian culture by creating his Otm Shank, who began a lifelong study of the ancient art of the Indian hand drum tabla with his guru, the great Debasish Chaudhuri, Otm takes the instrument to uncharted electronic places over 2 unique tracks. Made almost entirely from sampling and pitch-shifting tabla samples, Otm teases the listener between ordering them to “bounce” in energetic sub bass overload, where’s the beat? rhythmic madness, and then “relax” in trippy, spaced out, inter-dimensional breakdowns.”

Nick Di Gregorio – Lover Birds (feat. Siboney O’Neil): More from Nick Di Gregorio whose name I misspelled last week, for which apologies. This track is from his eponymous debut EP.

Condor Avenue – Patagonia: “I’m Eglė, manager of Lithuanian band called Condor Avenue (indie electronic/indie rock) and I’d like to share some new sounds from it. After a debut of this four-piece in 2013 and successful years of being called a band with a stadium rock twist … now Condor Avenue incorporates everyone’s talents into a new version of the band and presents new version of their sound as well. One true to their roots but richer and more varied, so it looks like indie rock is being hit by some beats and synthesizers twist.” This is their new single.

Sinners Saints – Promise Land: “I want to introduce you to Sinners & Saints, who have recently released their new album On The Other Side. The Americana duo creates acoustic, country-tinged tunes with compelling harmonies and foot-powered percussion on repurposed drums from an abandoned kit. Check out the first single “Promise Land.””

Charlie Straw – All I Know: 22 year-old British musician Charlie Straw’s new single – “its delicacy and sense of slow-building atmosphere is matched with a stirring, fragile vocal. It sits comfortably along the homespun wooziness of For Emma, Forever Ago era Bon Iver, coupled with that Ben Howard or James Vincent McMorrow lulling sense of emotion and intimacy. ‘All I Know’ follows the debut single from Charlie Straw, released independently late last year – St. Ives very quickly amassed over 400,000 streams (+ a top 5 placement on Spotify’s UK viral chart).

Shane Henry – Save Me: “I wanted to send you the new single from acclaimed rock blues infused artist Shane Henry. Henry has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments opening for such artists as BB King, Etta James, Buddy Guy, Edwin McCain and the Destroyers.  His new album is produced in part by David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Santana) and Justin Glasco (The Lone Bellow).  Henry’s music has been heard on NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel, and the E! Television network.”

Mushroom People – Time Lapse: “Mushroom People are a Germany-based brotherly duo that crafts engaging and colorful pop music. The two brothers, Dean and Dustin Bremerich, formerly played in rock bands before a fascination with electronic music arose in recent years. They formed Mushroom People this past November with that emerging influence in mind. “Time Lapse” is the first single from their eponymous new album, released on 3/17 – … the harp in the second verse is played by the grandfather of the Mushroom People brothers. Also, the lyrics are inspired by Mark Twain’s ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’.”

Erica Jennings – Black is the Colour: “One of the biggest stars of the Lithuanian music scene, Irish singer Erica Jennings has just shared her new song “Black is The Colour”. “It’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and it instantly captured my heart. I had a feeling that I would sing it in honor of a truly special moment in my life and I did”, – explained the singer, who has dedicated this song to her husband Jurgis, in celebration of their 10 year marriage anniversary …The kickoff of the year for E. Jennings is marked with an important award. She was awarded “Best Female Artist of the Year” at M.A.M.A – the Lithuanian annual music awards.”

FRNDZ – Bad Idea: “Hello from Brooklyn! We are FRNDZ. We hope this message finds you doing well! Reaching out to share that we’ll be releasing our debut single ‘Bad Idea’ on 7 April, 2017 in hopes that you might like it!”

Stoat – Trampolina: “We’re called Stoat, and we’re hoping you might feature our new single on The ‘Spill blog – you actually put our last one in earworms. It’s wry, bouncy, guitar-based indie pop with a big chorus (brass section and everything). Stylistically it’s in the same ballpark as Pulp, Belle & Sebastian, Lily Allen … This is the follow up to “Talk radio makes me feel alone”, and is the second single from our new album “Try not to think about it”, due for release later in the spring.” (This is earwormy too. Ed.)

Rusudo – Sorrow: “Young music artist, graphic designer, editor, photographer in the makings pretty much … Decided to make this track, after re watching the death of Haku and Zabuza. The feels got me again though”.

Vox Eagle – No Sleep: “Vox Eagle is the Aussie-American electro-psych pop duo, consisting of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel. Experimental instrumentations combined with deep synths and driving beats has successfully allowed the duo to create a stunning EP enriched with a variety of sounds … Crosby and Hamel self-produced and engineered the entire record, allowing them to take complete control over their creative process … Their leading single ‘No Sleep’ demonstrates the band’s signature sound of atmospheric pop and ambient grooves. Despite the duo still being in their infancy, Vox Eagle has received airplay on Australia’s famed Triple J. With a continually growing fan base, their highly anticipated upcoming EP is set for release May 26th 2017.”

Jautì – Lonely Hope: More from Lithuania, ““jautì“ – is a young band that empathetically reacts to their listeners and defines their music style as “art rock”. Four childhood friends are currently living together and writing music that does not even come close to being static … Music video “Lonely Hope”… tells a story about a child that lives inside of all of us. A child that is lead by naive curiosity and confronts various worldview changing situations. The music video is inspired by a novel “Kliudžiau“, written by Jonas Biliūnas. This novel helps to seek and see the “coming of age” situation, also, beautifully unfolds personal experiences that inspired to write a song about the lonely carrying of hope.”

Edgar Alan Poets – Ameriking: “I’m Chris of the band Edgar Allan Poets. … I’m writing to inquire about a potential blog premiere for my upcoming single. The track (will be) released 03/27/2017. This provocative rock song speaks about the idea of building a wall … As the Latins used to say “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum”. For your audience the song will be available to download for free here:”

The Hurt – Sleeping: “Dark and beautifully sinister, ‘Sleeping’ is a brooding masterpiece. Raw and pensive, it hisses and crackles with emotion. The song was co-written by Rikki Turner and Stephen Evans, the former was lead vocalist with Paris Angels who found fame in the early 1990s when they signed to Virgin Records, the latter is making waves with his new band Cabbage. Performed by Turner’s musical collective The Hurt, ‘Sleeping’ follows the release of last summer’s critically acclaimed debut ‘Berlin’.

Shallows – Drive Away: Previously featured in SoS23, Shallows is Dani Poppitt and Marshall Gallagher, two imminent songwriter/producers living in Los Angeles … By using sounds and melodies plucked from all decades and disciplines of music, Poppitt and Gallagher design songs with little regard for current fashion, while still respecting the craft of creating relevant pop hits.” 

Boy in the Basement – Piano Ceremonies ft. Kelly Pepper: “Boy In The Basement are a London based electronic dance music production collective. Formed by long time friends Marlon Gordon and Gilbert Lavonne, the pair has been involved within the UK dance music scene for several years now and it’s this experience (and knowledge of what works on the dance floor) which they aim to capture in their productions. ‘Piano Ceremonies’ is their first official cut and sees summery house beats aided by additional vocal lines from UK soul-pop singer Kelly Pepper. The fun and vibrant music video is the perfect visual addition to the radio-friendly jam.” 

Kaskade feat. Laura Lamn and S2_Cool – Woman: “To celebrate International Women’s Day, grammy-nominated producer Kaskade releases surprise collaboration with UK artist Laura Lamn and fellow producer S2_COOL, their take on Chaka Khan’s classic ‘I’m Every Woman’. Making the song available for free download via his Soundcloud channel, Kaskade drops this as a tribute to the powerful women in his life, both personal and professional, past and present. He explains; “Cos the ladies busy changing this world need music to do it by”.”

Free download on Soundcloud:













8 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 24

  1. Interesting mix as ever.

    Otm Shank, Sinners Saints, FRNDZ, Stoat, Boy In the Basement were the ones that jumped out at me on a first listen.

    The link to The Hurt doesn’t seem to work, I’m afraid.

      • “The screen you are trying to access has expired or won’t let you in.

        To gain access, try one of these suggestions:

        – Click the link in your email invitation again.

        – Contact the respective publicist for access.”

        Then there’s something about an anti spam policy.

    • The link that is there now works for me.

      I quite like Sinners Saints – Promise Land. Haven’t listened to the entire playlist though. Just the first five.

    • It’s okay but I never got into sampling despite being introduced to some lovely stuff here and at RR. Quite like the idea of adding electronics to tabla. Tablotronics!

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