Quite a few years ago my stepmother introduced me to one of her friends, his name was Bill and he was a retired schoolteacher from Lancashire, his wife was Jean and they lived in Norfolk; he was well into his 80’s. He’d taught French.

Bill and I hit it off immediately to an unbelievable degree, he in a tiny village in Norfolk and me in northern California, we began an email exchange that involved daily emails frequently, nay, always, running to several pages dealing primarily with gardening, the arts, politics, TV, books, travel and life in general: we became like brothers, we were ‘best friends’. He was the best friend I ever had.

One day Bill revealed to me that he had loved jazz as a young man but that his wife absolutely hated it and wouldn’t allow it in the house. Jazz had been my main source of musical enjoyment for most of my life. Bill was extremely competent with the PC computer system, I was a Mac owner. I suggested that I could send him a selection of jazz that he could enjoy on headphones that wouldn’t bother Jean, he thought that was a good idea. So I created the enclosed playlist and emailed it to him, he responded¬† how much he enjoyed it. It was all new stuff to him but he was so open minded that he played it regularly whenever he was on his computer. He also regularly visited the Spill and shared his comments and opinions with me.

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RR Films: Fathers, Mothers and Children

This week’s topic is based on local news. Very local: I’m going to see Bob Mortimer tonight with my son.

Not headline stuff, I agree, but I’m pleased that we share a sense of humour and get on pretty well. But in the movies that isn’t always the case…though things often turn out well in the end. Similarly with mothers and daughters.

You get three RR topics to play with for films about parent/child relationships. I’ll kick off with Nebraska, with Bruce Dern in fine ornery mood:

What films about mothers and daughters and fathers and sons would you recommend?