The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on I and 1

I’m really pleased about this one!  The first album I came to today was In Search Of The Lost Riddim by Ernest Ranglin and track number 1 on that album is the totally gorgeous D’Accord Dakar. Enjoy!

What is your I1 track?


Here’s the YouTube playlist of previous suggestions:

44 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. Ooh! Time for one of my all time favourites pieces of West Coast psychedelia.

    The artist is It’s A Beautiful Day and the track is the opener from their eponymous first album, and it is called White Bird. Right click on the link to open it in a new tab.

  2. Here’s the 1st track from lni Kamoze’s eponymous mini-LP released in 1984 with Sly & Robbie with the ridding madness :

  3. My Wheel of Tune today comes from Imaad Wasif. This is called Redeemer, it is the first track off his album The Voidist. Warning, this video features some mostly naked ladies artfully wandering around in nature. He’s a psychedelic folk kind of guy originally from Vancouver, now in California. This reminds me to get more of his albums as I only have one at present.

  4. My initial thought was the first, wondrous, track off the ISB’s The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, Koeeoaddi There, but I see tfd has dipped in that pool already.

    So I’ll have to use the I for the album title. It would be for Into the Purple Valley, still my favourite Ry Cooder album, but track 1 is not on YT.

    Third option (swerving the GD’s Into The Dark) is Catatonia’s Mulder And Scully, track 1 on International Velvet. Brilliant pop.

  5. I’ll go with Indian Ocean’s music for the movie Black Friday, which was about the 1993 riots in Mumbai. Over 1500 people died in those riots and in the bombings that followed.
    First track of the album is Arey Ruk Ja Re Bandeh, Hey there, stop what you’re doing. Also known simply as Bandeh, which loosely translates into man, dude, human, etc. as in Hey man stop what you’re doing.
    Somehow seems appropriate today:
    Please stop what you’re doing. . . The temple is silent, the mosque is mute . . . whom will you label an atheist, whom will you label a coward? How long will you be able to keep doing this?
    Slow and sung very well. This is a clip from the movie. Dark…

      • And another pedant does a bit of research and finds this from Sarah’s first post in the series:
        The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number. The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.

      • I Love It kicks off my “Manufactured in the EU” copy of This Is… All Night is track 2.

        Bloody hell! How old are we?

        Anyway, I’ll add Incitation by Olga Bell from her EP of the same name. She’s written the best song about being (or not being) a goalkeeper ever but that’s track 5.

    • It’s a fair point. As Chris has already mentioned though, I do say album or artist. In an effort to be honest about this, I just wanted to post the Ernest Ranglin track which I’d heard during the week and it reminded me how good it is. The honest random choice from my collection, if I go by Artist then track, is I-Roy with Blackman Time.

  6. Glen Hansard – Being In Love

    Lead track from the brilliant 2015 EP It Was Triumph We Once Proposed, five Songs:Ohia covers in tribute to his great friend Jason Molina.

    Molina’s songs leave you completely drained. Sadly he left every bottle he came across the same way and died young. (Jason Molina: Where To Start

    Hansard isn’t the lightweight his Hollywood interests, affable Irish ways and occasional folk pop dabblings might suggest. A fella’s gotta pay the bills.

  7. If I is for album…..

    II by The Early Years is probably 2 (for second album), but as those Roman numerals have filed it as an i album, you get to enjoy the early bunnymeneworder throwback track #1 that is called Nocturne

    • Annoyingly that video isn’t working in the UK, which seems a bit weird. I’ve just listened to it elsewhere though. You are right about the bunnymenneworder throwback sound. Bit of Spiritualized in there too I reckon.

  8. I love this first track off the eponymous I Am Kloot 2003 album:

    I am Kloot – Untitled #1

    (click the song title – Untitled #1- if it doesn’t look too obvious)

    “Count your life like some strange and different
    Go one word at a time
    Can’t you hear the bells ringing
    Get your hands off my sky
    In a place where the words all just fall apart
    With the sound of a stutter
    A mutter in your heart”

  9. A bit late to this as I’ve been suffering from some orrible virus and taking time to catch up with all things musical. Anyway, I don’t appear to have any albums by bands (or by people with surnames) beginning with I. Don’t know if first names count so I’ll go for the album title option.

    Introspective was the first album I bought by pet Shop Boys. So I was a bit late to that pleasure too. I’d only listened to, and sometimes purchased, their singles up until then. This album of extended versions was irresistible though.

    Track One is the wondrous long version ofLeft to My Own Devices .

  10. Hi Everyone

    Sorry, I am late to the party again – life just keeps getting in the way of my ability to join in here. Sorry Sarah that it is taking me so long to drop by – after your impassioned “call to arms” email from the other week. And, I really like this Wheel of your Tune idea too, I just haven’t had time to join in.

    Some of you may have caught my post on songbar the other day (thanks to those who passed on well wishes, I do appreciate it), but my Dad is seriously ill at the moment – had a bleed on his brain, so brain surgery, and then another lot of brain surgery, paralysed down one side and then, being in hospital and all has led him to get pneumonia and blood clots in his lungs – so now all the efforts need to go to fighting the infection and getting his lungs back on track before the medical professionals can start back focusing on the brain issues again. Its scary stuff.

    Anyway, to the music, and I will offer up I for Icehouse – an 80’s Australian synth-rock band. their great album Man of Colours, has, as track one, the wonderful Crazy

    A great track for all the insecure people that have low self esteem…hahahaha, with that brilliant lyrics “well, you gotta be crazy baby, to want a guy like me….”

    • Hi deano. Sorry to hear your dad is having such a hard time at the moment. That must be very difficult for the whole family to deal with. I hope he’s now on the road to recovery. Thanks very much for taking the time to pop by here and suggest a track – what hair tho!

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