RIP Load Records

Load Records’ founders and basically the people that run the whole thing, Ben and Laura, just announced on Facebook that after 24 years they are closing the label and moving on to other things.

Load were and are one of my favourite labels and are nearly single-handedly responsible for my interest in noise-rock and other experimental music, without which I wouldn’t have got into Not Not Fun Records, or even stuff like free jazz.

There was a time in the mid-noughties when I snapped up every release as soon as it came out and bought anything they put out without listening to it first, safe in the knowledge that whatever they put out would be excellent. I’ve mentioned a lot of Load bands in Best of Year lists and tracks have appeared as Earworms over the years too.

Here’s a quick mix of some of my favourite Load artists and releases (at least from what I could find on Youtube). RIP Load Records and thanks for the noise.


Lightning Bolt – 2Morro Morro Land

White Mice – Blassstphlegmeice

Noxagt – Svartevatn

The USA is a Monster – Cocaine Wedding

Ultralyd – Pink Mood

Sightings – Pitch of my Voice

Prurient – Apple Tree Victim

10 thoughts on “RIP Load Records

  1. That’s not a good thing, that they’re closing, shame to see it. I was commuting back and forth to Providence from Boston over the last year to take classes at the big non-profit arts/maker space here. I just this month moved here to Providence for a year or 2 to use the studios and print a portfolio and for cheap painting space, it’s unaffordable in the Boston area.

  2. Never good to see a label close. I don’t know much on their list tbh, I only recognise a couple of names. Will listen to your playlist a bit later. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Fantastic opening track there Panthersan, I shall be listening further at the weekend. Your playlists are always fascinating, I have hardly ever heard of anyone you chose, and some of them are perhaps not my thing but others are absolutely brilliant. Thanks for posting!

    • Glad you liked the Lightning Bolt, they are one of my all-time favourite bands (there a couple of other ‘Spillers who are fans too!). Everything up to their last album was released on Load Records and they are the band everyone associated with the label. The rest of the playlist is not quite what you’d call easy listening, but I tried to put a bit of variety in there!

    • Thank you, it means a lot to me that you really like the angle. The angle was the main thing that I wanted to convey about everything that Load Records meant to me and I think you managed to get right to the heart of what they were about as a label. Thanks again

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