Welcome to Wilson Wednesday

No, no, don’t worry, the Spill hasn’t just been sponsored by an international sporting goods manufacturer, nor have we been “cast-away”. (see what I did there???)

Rather, this crazy (and regularly absent) Spill contributor from down under was browsing through his music collection the other day and got to thinking about a large number of musical “Wilsons”. The Marconium already has six solo Wilson artists, probably countless more if we include band members, and that may be the tip of the iceberg.

So, as a semi-regular series, I thought each Wednesday that I get around to it, I will showcase a “Wilson” and open up comment/debate on that Wilson. There are of course obvious Wilsons to explore, and we will, but there will also be some more obscure ones as well. Hey, I will even take requests for Wilsons, and better still, happy for anyone else to provide a write up for Wilson Wednesday – you are all so much more musically knowledgeable than I am.

So what better way to kick off Wilson Wednesday than to alienate the audience and go with an obscure Wilson – Marie Wilson.

Marie burst onto the Australian mainstream rock music scene in the late 90’s, and got a lot of airplay on those sorts of radio stations with this track – Next Time

Some of you may hear elements of Chrissie Hynde, Sheryl Crow, Meredith Brooks or even Melissa Etheridge in there (or am I just reciting a clichéd list of chicks with guitars?)

It looked, to my then much younger eyes, that she was going to become the next big thing, but no sooner had this track had its run of endless airplay, she seemed to disappear off the scene entirely. Not that this is should be the measuring stick, but I can’t even find a Wikipedia page on Marie.

In my opinion – it’s a fun track without being amazing track. From memory, I really liked it when I first heard it (but my tastes have evolved a lot since then), but started to get sick of it due to the overexposure at the time. Having probably not heard the song in nearly twenty years prior to me looking it up on youtube yesterday, I have to say it was enjoyable to re-aquaint myself with it, and I found myself quite nostalgic for those, to quote the Kinks “young and innocent days” of being at uni.

So – tell us what you think. Do you know anything about Marie? Had you heard the track before? What did you think of the track? Is Wilson Wednesday a stupid idea?

NEXT TIME (see what I did there?) – will be a less obscure, Wilson musical legend (and that is not a giveaway, because I have a few in mind that could fit that description!)

20 thoughts on “Welcome to Wilson Wednesday

    • thanks leavey – edition one and I am doing well so far. Couldn’t find a wiki page, yet you found one, and according to said wiki page, she has pretty much been making music and albums the whole time, when I claimed she disappeared off the scene…hahaha.

      I’ll be accused of alternative facts the rate this is going!!!

  1. Good on yer, mate! Yes, this not an earth-shattering track, but you are opening another door to get people here, deano, and I’m sure you’ll find some goodies for us to enjoy.

    There’s a TV show here called Friday Night Dinner that has the wonderfully awkward Mark Heap in it. His character has a dog call Wilson, who he seems to be scared of.

    • Thanks Chris, haven’t heard of that show but I will check out the clip once I am on a computer or have charged my phone.

    • oh dammit – video blocked in my country for copyright grounds!

      I have managed to find another clip on youtube though, quite funny in an awkward humour kind of way.

      Don’t recall the show ever being screened in Australia, but it probably has and I have just missed it.

  2. Hey Deano,
    Thanks so much for kicking this off. I’ve never come across this Wilson before. Definite Sheryl Crowe sound, but not that memorable as you say but no unpleasant either!
    I have a couple of albums by Jonathan Wilson lined up to listen to, mainly because someone shared his track “Coming into Los Angeles” an eon ago and I’ve been meaning to follow up with a listen to more of his stuff. I know nothing about him though…sounds lovely though.

    • Sarah, I have Jonathan Wilson’s “Fanfare” album and it is great. It is eminently summery music and I think that the standout track, “Dear Friend” is something of a classic, well it would be if more people heard it!

      • Thanks for the tip Carole. I have that one and Gentle Spirit downloaded. I’m about to do some digging in the garden so will stick it on now and let you know what I think later…!

      • Thought I’d give you my thoughts on this. It really is a very lovely album, something quite retro about the sound. It didn’t quite go with the digging so I listened to it while cooking dinner… perfect. I’ll listen to the other album sometime over the weekend.

        • Yes, it does have a retro sound. Graham Nash and David Crosby sing on a couple of tracks. I really like Jonathan Wilson’s music.

    • Hopefully it’s a bit of fun that anyone can contribute to. Thanks for your tips with posting etc, it had been a while for me!

  3. Definite hints of Chrissie Hynd and a bit of Cheryl Crowe. Not a bad song by any means.

    I am liking the Wilson theme already.

    • Thanks Ali, I will try for every week but can’t guarantee it at the moment given my Father’s health. The Sgt Wilson pic was a subtle nod to my Dad as he loves Dad’s Army.

      Hope you are well.

      • Fine thank you. Don’t worry about posting, we’re very pleased to see you any time you can manage to do so. My dad loved Dad’s Army too – we still get it on repeat over here. And best wishes to your dad.

    • Tinny, don’t steal all my jokes in week one! Stay tuned though, will have something suitable for you in the coming weeks.

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