Earworms 17 April 2017

A bumper bunch of earworms for you this Easter Monday, some Eastery, and some not. And we have a new contributor, Lindasmith, to whom I would like to extend a warm Spring welcome. There’s some great music for you to enjoy today – if you would like to share any earworms with us, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Thanks very much to all our contributors!

Leo Kottke – Easter – glassarfemptee: Virtuoso guitarist Leo Kottke (of Vaseline Machine Gun fame) has picked out an Easter egg for you all.

Joan Baez – Mary – Ravi Raman: Not much to say except the album has another beaut written by Steve Earle.

Iona – Chi-Rho – AliM: “The Chi Rho (/ˈkaɪ ˈroʊ/; also known as chrismon) is one of the earliest forms of christogram, formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters — chi and rho (ΧΡ) — of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ “Christ” in such a way that the vertical stroke of the rho intersects the center of the chi.” (Wikipedia). I’m not religious, but I do like Iona, and particularly this song.

Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo – Lindasmith: Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Mann. Just because. It’s a great song. 1966 was a good year. We had a Labour Government for a start. It’s not an Easter chicken, but it is a bird. 

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Resurrection – Ravi Raman: I was introduced to this musician by the Rt. Hon. Tincanman of this parish. A slightly sideways look at the resurrection story.

Third Day – Saved – Ravi Raman: A rocking version of the Dylan song. Though it might be rather a song for Thanksgiving seeing how many times thanks are offered!

Anne Briggs – Willie O Winsbury & Blackwater Side – CaroleBristol: The song “Farewell, Farewell,” recorded by Fairport Convention on their album “Liege and Lief” is based upon Willie O Winsbury, a Scottish ballad that can be traced back to the 1770s. This version, a more traditional one, with different lyrics (Richard Thompson wrote the ones for Fairport) is by the English folk singer Anne Briggs, recorded in 1971. She was hugely influential on the 60s folk scene, but hasn’t recorded anything since 1973. Anne lived with Bert Jansch for a time and taught him the song “Blackwater Side” which, as we all know, was then picked up by Jimmy Page. She was apparently somewhat wild and often drunk back in those days. She is still alive, but I don’t think active in music any more. She was interviewed in 2016 by Folk Radio – http://www.folkradio.co.uk/2016/08/interview-anne-briggs/

Willie Brown – Easter Bunny Boogie – severin: Kind of speaks for itself, this one. Does what it says on the tin – or the egg. From a compilation called “Jumpin’ the Blues”. The same compilation CD as one of my earlier worms – the (sort of) rude one about the false teeth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gMlbV4dnuo

Image copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_stockfood’>stockfood / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

11 thoughts on “Earworms 17 April 2017

  1. First of all, “Hello” to Lindasmith. It is always good to see new people here.

    Now, the ‘worms.

    Leo Kottke – Easter Leo Kottke is such a great player. I used to have a cassette of loads of his stuff that a friend compiled. Alas, it is no more. This is a lovely piece.

    Joan Baez – Mary This was also rather lovely.

    Iona – Chi-Rho The Chi Rho symbol was also widely adopted by the Roman Empire once it became Christianised, being first used by Constantine I on his military standard, the Labarum. You find both the Chi Rho and the Labarum on Roman coins. I enjoyed this song a lot.

    Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo Such a great song. Bruce Springsteen used to play it live a lot back in the 1970s. There is a decent version here. The sound is a bit off because it is from a bootleg. I think he still plays it occasionally.

    Ray Wylie Hubbard – Resurrection This was enjoyable enough, but didn’t grab me that much.

    Third Day – Saved Not one of my favourite Dylan songs. I think that his born-again Christian period was pretty much his worst. The three obviously religious albums are all terrible. This could only ever be an improvement.

    Willie Brown – Easter Bunny Boogie Terrific! I love a bit of Jump Blues.

    Lots of nice music, but I think that for me, it has to be Willie Brown this week.

  2. I do like Leo Kottke. Don’t own anything by him although I also used to have a cassette of some tunes. In my case it was an old 1970s John Peel session. He sung on one of the tracks. Not a great singer but a wonderful guitarist.
    Joan Baez, I’ve taken a long time to come to terms with. I have started liking more and more of her stuff in recent years though, This one sounded great to me.
    I don’t really know Iona at all but I liked the song here even though I am not religious either.
    Always enjoyed Pretty Flamingo while finding the lyric pretty baffling. I like flamingos but.. Oh don’t analyse it, it’s a great pop song and that’s that.
    Ray Wyllie Hubbard and Third day both ok although not my usual cup of tea.
    Anne Briggs is a familiar name although I don’t recall listening to her before. She doesn’t sound like the sort of person who would be wild and drunk but you can never tell. Two lovely tracks anyway. Really enjoyed them.

  3. Not being religious, I have some difficulty with things like Easter songs, though the pagan side of Easter is fine by me! And I certainly agree with Carole about Dylan’s religious period – though Third Day make a good job of rescuing Saved and making it sound a decent hard driving bit of rock. Early Joan Baez made my hair stand on end, but Mary seemed a bit subdued. The Iona track was lovely -good bass and sax too. Manfred Mann are a bit underrated, in my view, and Pretty Flamingo was one of many great tracks from the Paul Jones era band. English folk often leaves me cold, and I’m afraid Anne Briggs is exactly the style that doesn’t do it for me. Willie Brown was a nice bit of old time blues resonant of Lewis Jordan in the Five Guys Named Moe era. So, a mixed bag of eggs from the Easter bunny, but lovely to taste them all!

  4. Annie Briggs and Iona – such lovely voices. Beautiful! I’ve heard of Leo Kottke from musician friends but first time I’m enjoying his virtuoso playing. Superb. And I’ve always liked Manfred Mann, though this is new to me. Willie Brown was a nice way to close the list (btw Ali, I found it in last week’s folder).

    • I put Willie Brown into last weeks folder when Ali said she couldn’t download the wma file that I sent her. I hoped it might be usable that way instead of having to do a Youtube link.
      Hope it is decipherable for other people.

    • Ahh, I think I forgot to drop the tracks this week. I’ll do it now, tho’ I couldn’t download Willie Brown, so thanks severin. (Sorry, I’ve just been busy …)

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