RR Films: Leadership

With the people of Turkey apparently voting for Christmas, er, a great and wise leader, with Vlad already established as such and with Donny trying to get into the club by dropping bombs all over the place, the human race seems to have regressed to childhood and decided Daddy knows best. Even if he is an aggressive, misogynistic, egotistical arsehole…..

I hope we all agree that leadership should be about more than strength and control, so let’s have some films that prove it. I’ll kick off with Selma, which contains three examples: George Wallace’s divisive machinations; LBJ’s canny pragmatism; and MLK’s inspirational conviction.

What films about Leadership would you recommend?

Best Cover Artists Ever?

Things are getting kinda tense around Gotham, so what best to put smiles on pusses than dumb Ramones (peace be upon them) tunes. Been a long time (years, probably) since i did a post for this sporadic series, and i think it’s probably not in dispute that the Ramones were fine cover artists. But it turns out not to be so easy to do fine covers of Ramones tunes. Some very good bands did some not very good covers in my wholly subjective opinion. Here’s a small handful that made my cut. Have fun!
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