Best Cover Artists Ever?

Things are getting kinda tense around Gotham, so what best to put smiles on pusses than dumb Ramones (peace be upon them) tunes. Been a long time (years, probably) since i did a post for this sporadic series, and i think it’s probably not in dispute that the Ramones were fine cover artists. But it turns out not to be so easy to do fine covers of Ramones tunes. Some very good bands did some not very good covers in my wholly subjective opinion. Here’s a small handful that made my cut. Have fun!

Ramones – Out of Time

White Flag – Babysitter

Screeching Weasel – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

The Queers – Cretin Hop

Green Day – Blitzkreig Bop

The Offspring – I Wanna Be Sedated

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Strokes – Life’s A Gas

L7 – Suzi is a Headbanger

Sonic Youth – Beat on the Brat

Garbage – I Just Wanna Have Something to Do

Ramones – When I Was Young

Ramones – Time Has Come Today

10 thoughts on “Best Cover Artists Ever?

  1. Couple more that would have made my list, but bad sound quality or dupes –

    Talking Heads – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    Nouvelle Vague – I Wanna Be Sedated
    Nick Oliveri – Suzi is a Headbanger
    Sid Vicious – Chinese Rocks

  2. Ramopunk!

    There’s a Finnish band called Ne Luumäet that did several albums worth of Ramones covers but with Finnish lyrics and even their originals sound like Ramones tunes. I failed to see the point until I understood Finnish. “Läski” Eduskuntaan with its lyrics about a politician willing to say anything and do everything to get elected and keep power is spot on.

    Guilty pleasure: I play Joey Ramones version of What a Wonderful World more than any other.

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