11 thoughts on “Gasworks

  1. I love these little playlists you do Shoey. I particularly liked the Adrian Sherwood and the Cinematic Orchestra on this one. I think one of my first visits to The ‘Spill saw me listen to your “Knives Out” playlist which you posted in Feb 2016. I remember picking up some great tunes from that one. Thanks!

  2. I like track 2 and track 4. Track 5 made me think of Hawkwind in places. Track 7 “Breathe” is the stand out. Last track made me think of Floyd. And clever how they’ve sampled “Oxygene” in track 1. Impressed.

  3. Thanks for listening. Had a bit of spare time for once & did this instead of poking the hornets nest over on RR.

    & thanks to both for all your efforts here on the Spill. All the new content should attract some new blood & some returning old timers & liven the place up a bit.

  4. WordPress seems to hate me – whenever I log in it insists I have an alternative account, and refuses to comply – so this is in the nature of a test. Given that I’ve managed to post on here before, ages ago, I should really be able to get it to work.

    Here goes nothing…


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