Sounds on Sunday 27

Another selection of tracks to background your Sunday (St. George’s Day here in the UK). Hope you enjoy, and please don’t forget to leave your comments below. Thanks to all contributors.

Julie Elody – Sirens: “After spending three years as a lead vocalist in a funk-rock band, Julie Elody is excited to find her sound as a solo artist, working with several renowned producers … “I don’t like to write about frivolous things, and “Sirens” is no exception,” Julie explains of her new track. “It is about the all-too-often times that we ignore problems in our lives instead of dealing with them head-on, and all of the ways that this affects us.” Julie has a degree from Loyola University New Orleans in music industry studies, and it was there that she found her passion for songwriting and performing.”

Rory McVicar – Heard U Say: “Rory McVicar is a musician and songwriter currently living in London, UK … In November 2007, McVicar released his self-titled debut album on the Series 8 label. The album picked up favourable reviews across the British music press … Subsequent tours followed, including festival appearances in the UK and mainland Europe, as well as support slots for Josh T. Pearson, Bat For Lashes and Jason Molina … In February 2010, McVicar released his second album, ‘Another Sleepless Night’ … Presently, McVicar is putting the finishing touches to his third album, to be released in 2017, following the release of the Toothache/Alone I’ll Be 7″ on Static Caravan records in 2016.”

Night Drive – Rise and Fall:Night Drive co-founders, Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon met after a young woman they were both unknowingly dating was killed in a car crash. The tragic event bonded the two, and shortly afterwards they began a musical collaboration. Inspired by sci-fi cinematic landscapes, Night Drive creates modern synth-pop that explores the darker currents of abstract emotion. Infectious melodies wrapped in thoughtful lyrics with pulsing dance beats unveil a stylish, energetic sound that has been featured in film, tv and radio around the world. Touring and opening for international bands such as CHVRCHES, Austra, Yacht, Robert DeLong, Miami Horror and The Psychedelic Furs, Night Drive has quickly garnered a reputation as a captivating, must see live show.”

Roseville – Odesza’s Say My Name, Roseville re-do: “This ‘Redo’ of the iconic ODESZA’s Say My Name puts an entirely new flip on the song. Buzzy synths, and upbeat caribbean-esque drums make for an entirely different feel to the track. You may not be able to resist bumping your head to this beat, and that’s ok because neither can we.”

Diary – I Die: “This is the opening track from Love Shadows, the debut EP from New York dream-pop quartet Diary.  Primarily Brooklyn based, the group is drawn together by a love of guitar music, and the joy of playing it. Founding members Andy Brienza and Kevin Bendis first began writing music together in college near Philadelphia … Recruiting fellow college allum Chris Croarkin and New York confidant Will Banyard to fill out roles at bass and drums respectively … they have since played every imaginable venue across New York and continue to write new songs with an 80’s tinge, about love, loneliness, and supernatural visions.”

LV Baby (feat.Pell) – Super Powers: New release –The act’s music has previously been featured in the show Broad City. For the track “Super Powers” in particular, guitarist Black Bear and LV Baby teamed up with Pell to create the song in a moment of self-realization. “We see a bunch of super heroes on TV, but often fail to recognize the real life super heroes both in our communities and in ourselves,” LV Baby explains. “The single moms that balance work, school, motherhood, and every day adult issues. The kid in class who stands up to the bully despite the consequences. The people that decide to do the right thing regardless if it’s easy or inconvenient.””

willolux – Modern Day Maestro: “Kristina Emmott, known under the stage name “willolux”, is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose musical style blends classic ’70s folk with infectious modern dream-pop. Her introspective, whimsical songs recall the work of songstresses such as Neko Case, Ingrid Michaelson, and Regina Spektor. Her upcoming release, produced by Jon Anderson (Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight), is a full-length album entitled Thread and Tape. It is a collection of wistful songs, at once fragile and bold, which bravely lays bare questions of self-love, healing and mental health. Thread & Tape is set to release April 28th, 2017.”

Delafaye – She Shook Me: More from Delafaye, featured previously – this is the first single from the new EP Highlands due out in July. “Setting off on a new musical journey, young Delafaye (Moniker of Andrew Shockley) has emerged from his home studio with a beautiful, dream-like slice of Americana exploring a past relationship, showcasing another deeply authentic expression of a decorated past spent in and around his native Louisville, Kentucky.”

Yellow House – It Feels The Same Every Day: “Yellow House is the recording project of Cape Town based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Emile van Dango … From his new album A Carnival of Fears Yellow House serves as the embodiment of all that Emile could sink his teeth into during his formative years as a young songwriter and producer. Having spent a couple of years honing his craft as a folk musician, Yellow House carves out a broader space, a home of artistic experimentation and endless possibility — a haven which currently exists as the headquarters for Emile’s new dream-pop/psych-soul visions.”

Shane Mendonsa and InternalEye – Emergence: “Shane Mendonsa is a composer, arranger, producer and sound engineer known for pushing boundaries in Bollywood, indie cinema and his own music. Rohit, aka InternalEye, is a composer/producer from India. His music is a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, lush ambient textures and new-age grooves. This is a music and video collaboration.”

Fhin – Quand on arrive en ville: “After the success of his first EP, A Crack in the Eyes, Fhin returns with the video of “When one arrives in town”, a piece originally intended to be played only live … Finally, unable to restrict it to the intimate circle of concert halls, Fhin unveils today (Apr 14) this revival of the legendary 1979 opera-rock Starmania. A small jewel reshaped in pop, elegant and modern, and which is a pleasant way to announce his future EP.”

Silver Rose – Take Me Home: “New EP and video from the stunning shoegaze, dream pop outfit Silver Rose.  Her new EP has been featured in such notable outlets as Noisey and Clash. The musical collective was formed in 2015 by acclaimed singer/songwriter Carla Sariñana (co-founder and bass player of the Mexican Rock band Ruido Rosa has played ViveLatino and supported KISS, Maroon 5 and Queens of the Stone Age).”



4 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 27

  1. Will have a proper listen later tonight. I liked Julie Elody the most though I may have been biased towards another Loyola student.
    And Night Drive may need someone to check their release. I mean how can one unknowingly date?

  2. I don’t know if it’s a case of remembering the last thing you heard but – I really liked that Silver Rose track. Enjoyed the whole list but that one really stood out.

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