Earworms 24 April 2017

I’m fresh from a Spring-like weekend in Yorkshire; wherever you are, I hope you’ve all enjoyed similar weather. Here’s a new bunch of Earworms to enjoy before the “Arctic winds” (really?) return next week. If you’d like to share any earworms with us, please send an .mp3 or video link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

The Unthanks – What Can a Song Do to You? – severin: The first track released (do we still call it a single?) from the new album by the Unthanks, Songs and Poems of Molly Drake, mother of the more famous Nick. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing this and many others at two forthcoming London concerts. I gather they have been performing Nick Drake’s “Riverman” as an encore. Anyway this is a lovely thing and features the voice of Molly’s daughter, Gabrielle.

Oh Wonder – All We Do – AliM: I heard this as the theme to a TV series called “Unforgotten”, and looked it up. Oh Wonder are Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht, who released one song every month from September 2014 on Soundcloud, into 2015, culminating in an album of 15 songs. I find this quite haunting. If not exactly cheerful.

Heroin and Your Veins – Perpetual Sorrow – glassarfemptee: A style that always gets to me is a melody picked out slowly on an electric guitar. Preferably with added reverb. Spare, seductive, atmospheric. I’m thinking the themes to Twin Peaks or Callan, the Shadows, or Albatross even. Surefire earworms. And now from Finland we have a band that almost specialises in this sound – Heroin and Your Veins. Our resident Finnish expert Fuel may be able to shed more light, though this is probably not his bag. Here is Perpetual Sorrow from their album ‘Regret’.

Ravi Iyer- Hamsadhwani – Ravi Raman: Ravi Iyer was initially trained in the tabla but then switched over to the guitar, plays a custom built twin necked no less! Hamsadhwani (Sound of swans) is the name of this composition and the raga in which he has played. It’s a perennial favourite among fans, musicians and composers alike. An early morning raga and usually played at the start of a show etc. [The Hindustani equivalent is also a favourite of another Ravi – Shankar 🙂 ]

Only Girl – Fortune: “Fresh from the release of critically acclaimed new single Fortune, South London’s Only Girl returns with the official video directed by Davy Evans (TouristHockeysmith and long-term visual collaborator with The xx) … Only Girl has driven widespread acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music), Tom Robinson, John Kennedy & Jo Good on XFM, Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2) and Edith Bowman in ELLE, as well as a whole host of online tastemakers including The Fader, Noisey, The 405 and DIY.”

Peaness (seriously?)Same Place: I was prepared to dislike this song from a young, three piece (peas?) indie pop band, but the music and video made me smile – this is in advance of their new EP due out on 5 May. BBC6 music, BBC Radio 1 and Radio X have all championed the band and it looks like jolly good fun. Just what we need.

Image – author’s own.

18 thoughts on “Earworms 24 April 2017

  1. Hi glassarfemptee. When I was seriously depressed I had a phase of listening to Heroin and Your Veins. Pretty sure I’ve recommended a couple of tracks on RR. Angelo Badalamenti is a good reference. The music reminds me of small Finnish towns and lonely people in the countryside where the population is ageing and the youth leaving. That twang he has is very Finnish. It’s like a downbeat and defeated version of the “rautalankka” style from the 1960s – think of a Ventures 45 but at 33rpm or slower.

    Regret is a good album. I keep meaning to buy it with the videos – his videos are good too – but I don’t know if I can go back there.

    There are lots of Finnish artists with a singular vision, who just have to express themselves. And they’re great, but too niche, out of time or inaccessible to be popular, yet they still find a small but enthusiastic audience.

  2. Thanks a million, Fuel. Interesting interview. I must follow up some of his recommendations. Hadn’t realised it was a one man band. I like your description of music evoking “small towns and lonely people”. There must be a Norse word for that – sort of an opposite of Hygge.

  3. I’m sure I have heard “All We Do” before even though I hardly watch any telly any more.Quite melancholy, which seems to be this week’s theme, but I liked it.
    Never heard of this Heroin combo/solo act. Definitely very film-like. Maybe from the Finnish equivalent of a spaghetti western. (A Karjalanpiirakka western?) Enjoyed that a lot.
    Liked the raga too. I do like the way this kind of music builds and becomes more hypnotic.
    Quite liked the two videos. Only Girl was kind of stirring although I guess not really my kind of thing. Peaness sounded great to my ears. Almost too winsome in the vid, if I’m being picky, but a really lovely sound. Not sure if I have an overall favourite of the week. Maybe Heroin & YV and Peaness jointly.

    • Thinks about a karjalanpiirakka western. Hmmmm! It sort of has to be a karjalanpiirakka eastern. I imagine three old ladies giving each other withering glances as they compete to have their karajalanpiirakka recipe accepted as the definitive one.

  4. The Unthanks – What Can a Song Do to You? I heard this on Radcliffe and Maconie’s BBC 6Music show and I thought it utterly captivating. I await the album with impatience. This really is lovely, fragile and deeply moving.

    Oh Wonder – All We Do – AliM: I’ve heard this before. I think that haunting. If not exactly cheerful sums it up perfectly. I do rather like it.

    Heroin and Your Veins – Perpetual Sorrow As was once almost said, “It don’t mean a thang if it ain’t got that twang”. This is terrific stuff, very Twin Peaks, very filmic, almost like a modern update of the theme from The Third Man.

    Ravi Iyer- Hamsadhwani There is something about this that reminds me a bit of the Page and Plant Unledded stuff that they did in the 1990s. Some of the guitar work reminds me of Steve Howe too. Really polished and accomplished music.

    Only Girl – Fortune I am sure that this is an excellent piece, but it really isn’t my sort of thing. Sorry, but I’ll pass.

    Peaness – Same Place Stupid name, OK tune, but it is always good to see young women in bands playing the instruments instead of just singling. Good luck to them and they seem to be enjoying themselves in the video.

    Ooh, what should I pick as my fave? I think I must go with my heart and not my head and pick The Unthanks, because it is simply wonderful.

  5. At least tonite, I find the Unthanks a teensy bit too whimsical. Oh Wonder is nicely hypnotic and cool piano licks too. Peaness was innocent fun, but not hard edged enough for me – prefer girl bands like Dum Dum Girls, or Warpaint. Only girl was lovely, off kilter, and reminded me a bit of Angel Olsen. Definitely earworm territory. But I think my fave this week is Ravi Iyer. Think I must be on an instrumental kick at the moment. But another wonderful set, as ever.

  6. Well, nice change from all the Song Bar funk!
    I lost a few friends during the heroin epidemic here in the 90s and 00s. So I was surprised to like Heroin and Your Veins so much. Perpetual Sorrow! Aptly named.
    Unthanks, whom I heard first at RR, continue to delight. Liked Oh Wonder as well the YouTube videos not so much, though I preferred ​Only Girl to Peaness.

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