Wilson Wednesday – Dan Wilson


Yep, it’s that time of the week again – Wilson Wednesday, and today we look at the work of Dan Wilson. Well its Wednesday here, and if i have done my sums right it should have just ticked over to Wednesday in the UK.


Dan Wilson is the lead singer of the band Semisonic, a 90’s alternative rock band best known for this track.

Closing Time, which was penned by Dan himself, at the surface seems to be a simple, albeit great, song about a pub at closing time. (“closing time, one last call for alcohol so finish your whisky or beer.”) However, there are a number of other theories that indicate that perhaps there is more to this track than meets the eye. Namely, it is thought to be written about Wilson’s impending fatherhood and the pub closing time is actually a metaphor for the birth of the baby and encouragement to leave the womb!  It earned a Grammy nomination, for Best Rock song.


However, it is Wilson’s songwriting talents that I want to further explore today, in particular some tracks that he co-wrote. For example, did you know that he co-wrote this song?

Not Ready to Make Nice – the Dixie Chicks

And did you know he also co-wrote this obscure little track that you have probably never even heard of?

Someone Like You – Adele

Over to you – should it be closing time for Dan Wilson, or is someone like you ready to make nice?



5 thoughts on “Wilson Wednesday – Dan Wilson

  1. Oh I’ve been onside with this particular Wilson for precisely nineteen years, Deano. (Although, no, I know nothing of his career as a writer.)

    Closing Time for me was the end of my bachelor years – albeit me & DsMam had already been together a decade by then. The song was all over the radio in Barbados in Apr/May 1998, when we got married there.

    Did “I know who I want to take me home” ?
    Yes indeed!!
    Love that song; last time I listened to it was only about ten hours ago. It popped up on Walkman shuffle on the way back from paying a professional visit to Maki’s football team.

  2. A tricky one for me, because I’ve never heard of him and I really cannot remember ever having heard anything by Semisonic. I’ll sit this one out.

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