The Wheel of Your Tune


The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on O and 3.

I own lots of tracks by artists whose name begins with O, but I don’t own enough tracks by any of them to choose from.  I’ve had to look at my albums instead.  The first one I came across was Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads and song 3 is the titular track. Enjoy.

What’s your O3?

30 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. Hi Sarah. I don’t normally have time to play, but as I’m NOT working at the Tour de Yorkshire AT ALL this weekend – * sulk * – and this week has stopped at exactly this combination, I can give you this one from memory:

    One EskimO – Kandi

    A DsD Festive Spill pick, this one. 2009? 2010?

    • I would like nothing more than to carry on sitting here watching the women’s tour, which has set off and heading into a big climb right now, but I’m going out on my own bike in a moment. Need miles in my legs. Do you usually work on the tour then? Doing what?

      • Email me. Not answering that on here. Many of my friends already know, so the comment was relevant. Yesterday was the first day in the TdY’s short history that I was not involved. Felt strange.

  2. My ‘O’ choice really has to be Opeth. I am a huge fan of their more prog albums, although I also like the black metal ones, but I am choosing track three from their 2011 album, Heritage, which marked their shift to an overtly progressive direction. It is called I Feel The Dark.

      • The more proggy albums are Damnation, Heritage, Pale Communion and Sorceress. I also like Blackwater Park, Deliverance and Ghost Reveries, which are much more death metal in style, with “Cookie Monster” growly vocals on some tracks.

  3. Well, the only album I own by an O band is an unopened Oasis collection given as a present by someone who doesn’t really know me, and the track 3’s on my O-titled albums are generally unimpressive, so I’ll fall back (for the first time in this series!) on a Grateful Dead album: One From The Vault. It’s a recording of the concert they gave in 1975 presenting the songs from Blues For Allah and track 3 – following the CD’s convention of ignoring Slipknot! as a track in its own right – is The Music Never Stopped. Slightly ironic here, in that the band were on an 18-month break from performing at the time.

    (Sarah: if you have the stomach/curiosity for another odd ditty, Stronger Than Dirt is worth a listen from further along in that YT clip.)

      • At the risk of emulating the scary troll waiting under the bridge, Sarah, there’s plenty more where that came from!

        It’s exactly 45 years since their European tour – generally acknowledged as a major career highlight – and I ended up doing concert-by-concert posts for it 5 years ago. I got nudged off The Spill after 8 posts, so I created a dedicated site for it. Feel free to take a look (mwah ha haa!): Even if you don’t take to the music, you’ll maybe learn something about the events of the time…..

  4. I wanted to pick His Ozziness but track 3 of Black Rain isn’t there on YouTube. At least none good enough.
    So here’s Starbound from J.J.Cale’s album Okie.

  5. I might be taking this on as my new playlist maker!

    Track 3 first – Band in BOld – album/single/whatever

    Be Your Own One Self Children Of Possibility
    Flawless (Sharp Hammerhead Remix) The Ones Flawless [Single]
    If I Think Of Love OP8 Feat Lisa Germano Slush
    Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth Mix) The Orb U.F.Off: The Best Of The Orb
    Love, Love, Love The Organ Grab That Gun
    Paris pourri Orties Sextape
    Habit Ought More Than Any Other Day
    Drunkard’s Prayer Over The Rhine Drunkard’s Prayer
    This Bum’s Paid Out Hud – Street Dad

    Playlist link WHEEL O_3

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