Wilson Wednesday – Pee Wee Wilson

Welcome to Wilson Wednesday, where each week we feature a Wilson of some description. And this week, I head back to the antipodes to find you our featured artist.

Last week, over at the Guardian’s Readers Recommend, I managed to get Pairubu to B List the Delltones rendition of Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands.

So, inspired by last week’s RR, this week’s Wilson is none other than Ian “Pee Wee” Wilson from the Delltones. The Delltones are an Australian doo-wop group, that have been actively performing since the 50’s. Ironically named, “Pee Wee” is the tall guy in the group with the deep voice.

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RR Films: Community

My home town has remained in the news here for the past week, as the primordial slime is dredged for clues about our local mass murderer. Much has been written about how us Mancs have pulled together and rejected any message of hate or mistrust and – much as I would like to be cynical about it – I have found tears coming into my eyes on several occasions as stories of solidarity across cultural, religious and ethnic divides have been told. I cannot deny it: I am proud to be part of this community and this city.

So, let’s have your films about community this week. My choice is Pride, the true story of two communities  – miners and gays – overcoming their mutual suspicion and prejudice to fight oppression and spread understanding.

What films about community would you recommend?

RR Films, like me, is taking a break for a week. I’m not sure where RR is going but I’m off to join my amour in the Dominican Republic 🙂

Earworms 29 May 2017

We’re a bit short of worms this week so here are two playlists for you – a worm list and a new sounds list. Hope you enjoy them both. If you’d like to send us an earworm, please send an .mp3 file or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a short paragraph about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Elliot Galvin Trio – 1666 – glassarfemptee: Edition records recently issued a compilation to celebrate something or the other. They run a great stable, and here’s the UK’s Elliot Galvin Trio. Galvin was winner of European young jazz artist of the year a while back. This moody bit of after hours jazz is from their ‘Punch’ album. I think he is big in Germany, so Nilpferd may be able to tell us more.

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Sounds on Sunday 32

More Sounds on Sunday for you – no prizes for guessing which is my favourite this week, but what do I know? Have a listen for yourself and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Linn Koch-Emmery – Forever Sounds: “On May 26th we at Welfare Sound & Records released Linn Koch-Emmery’s new single “Forever Sounds”. Linn is from Norrköping, Sweden and has played music her whole life together with her twin sister Lea who now fronts the band Kid Wave. In 2016 she burst onto the scene with her shoegaze inspired debut single “Come Back” which was picked up by DYI magazines best new music and was ravishingly described as Courtney Barnett fronting the Strokes. “Forever Sounds” is the first single from her upcoming debut EP which will arrive later this year.”

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The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on J8.

My J8 track is Jackie Mittoo – Juice Box from the album The Keyboard King at Studio One.

What’s your J8 track?