Earworms 1 May 2017

We don’t have any dancing around the ‘Spill maypole, but there is a carnival this week, courtesy of John Handy and Ravi. Happy May Day to you, enjoy the music and don’t forget to keep sending your earworms (e.g. .mp3  or an internet link) to earworm@tincanland.com, with a few lines about why you’ve chosen them. Thanks to all contributors.

John Handy – Carnival – Ravi Raman: Title track of his 1977 album with Lee Ritenour on guitar.  I actually was searching for something by the latter and happily found a re-release of this.

Public Service Broadcasting- Progress – Abahachi: Setting themselves up for sarcastic critical remarks about the lack of musical progress from their earlier work, perhaps, but this is suitably earwormy as a taster for the new album, focusing on South Wales coalmining – I’m hoping for a cameo from Max Boyce.

Eugene Church – Don’t Stop Loving Me – severin: Gospel and Doo Wop singer of the late fifties/early sixties. Which is about all I know about him. Except he sounds like this and I like it. From a compilation called Jivin’ Jamboree vol 1. 

Kathy Heideman – Sleep A Million Years – glassarfemptee: Country music alert: I know country music is a bit marmite. But this 1970’s track from Kathy Heideman has wormed its way into my head at the first listen, and I’m hoping that putting it on Earworms will exorcise it! I like the lyrics too, such as “Don’t let your lips say no, when you feel yes” & “When we don’t live our truth we are so much less”.

Hayes Carll – Chances Are – tincanman: The hitch in his voice makes you want to run up and hug him. Willie wrote and sang almost this good.

Linda Lewis – More Than A Fool – AliM: From her 1972 album, “Lark”, which has a lot of good memories for me. Last time I posted a Linda Lewis track everyone hated it, but I’ve just downloaded the album so it’s in my head and I thought I’d inflict another track on you. Whahaha.

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9 thoughts on “Earworms 1 May 2017

  1. Well I enjoyed that. The John Handy tune was a good cheer up tonic for a rainy Mayday and I rather liked the Linda Lewis song too. I think I got put off her a bit back in the seventies when her single releases were rather squeaky voiced recordings. maybe that’s just my memory playing tricks. This was lovely though.
    Anyway be all that as it may, and rather to my surprise, Kathy Heideman was my favourite this week. Really liked it.

  2. John Handy – Carnival This is rather jolly, isn’t it? Definitely a case of the music fitting the title. If I have a criticism, it is that it doesn’t really go anywhere.

    Public Service Broadcasting – Progress I’ve always rather liked PSB, when they started putting stuff out, I found it intriguing and interesting but I do wonder how long they can go on doing the same sort of thing. This has got a fair bit of airplay on 6Music and I do like it but the question remains. Where do they go next?

    Eugene Church – Don’t Stop Loving Me This is terrific. The sax break is a wonderful honking delight.

    Kathy Heideman – Sleep A Million Years I’d like to like this, but it sounds a bit too Grand Ole Opry to my ears. I still think that all the interesting C&W music was being played by those dope-smoking hippies back in the 70s.

    Hayes Carll – Chances Are Now, this is the kind of Country that does work for me. It has a bit of a Gram Parsons feel to it, which has to be a good thing. Lovely song.

    Linda Lewis – More Than A Fool I’ve actually seen Linda Lewis live, back around the time that Lark came out. She was supporting someone or another, I can’t remember much about the gig. This song was OK, but not my favourite by any means.

    My favourite this week was the excellent Doo Wop of Eugene Church.

    • This may not be news to you but there’s a fantastic album by pianist and composer Billy Childs called Map To The Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro. Artists from Yo Yo Ma and Wayne Shorter to Susan Tedeschi and Alison Krauss are featured. Excellent.

  3. What a diverse set. I quite like Public Service Broadcasting and in fact caught Progress on YouTube last month. I think this time they are going to bank on videos too. Just a guess.
    Eugene Church pipped Linda Lewis and Kathy Heideman for me. Hayes Carll I suspect I’ll like it after a few listens and then go searching for more of his stuff.

  4. Sweet selection this week. Good bank holiday start, with John Handy, that had me hankering for dancing down Bourbon Street with an exotic and lurid cocktail in hand! I made do with toe tapping to a glass of gewürztraminer!
    Wonderful newsreel voice on PSB‘s Progress, contrasting nicely with the floaty style of the rest. Are the spoken bits archive, or modern irony? Reminiscent of Grasscut, which is a good thing.
    Eugene Church is another of Severin’s lovely doo-wop choices, that reminds me that there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as a bad doo-wop track. I really like his “Pretty Girls Everywhere”, and there are some great covers of it, too. And you can really see the influence on a lot of white pop of the late fifties and early sixties.
    Great pedal steel on Hayes Carll‘s cut, and it’s as syrupy as Texan oil.
    Linda Lewis‘ little girl voice is on the acceptable side of twee on this track, and I enjoyed it. Sometimes simple is best. Reminded me a bit of Lesley Duncan.
    I think John Handy pips it for me this week.

  5. I liked Kathy Heideman best this week, although I didn’t expect to like it. It’s simple but clever at the same time, and I like her voice.

    • Thanks. I found it in a drawer, it’s one I did years ago before The ‘Spill, but it reminded me of the ‘Spill’s old phonograph header which is still used on the Twitter page. Plus I’m nearly out of credits for the images I usually get so I’m just waiting for pay day!!

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