Luke’s Label Lowdown Part 1 – L.I.E.S. Records

I know it’s not the done thing to use your real name on these blog things, but I couldn’t resist the lure of the alliteration.

When I wrote my last post about the demise of Load records I realised just how much I buy and listen to music according to record label, much more so than genre or even artist.

So, with this in mind I thought I’d start a sporadic series to highlight some of my favourite labels – keeping it firmly underground of course.

I’ll start with my most recent crush: L.I.E.S. Records.

L.I.E.S. stands for Long Island Electrical Systems and they are a fairly new label that started in 2010 and is run out of Brooklyn, NY by an artist called Ron Morelli (the reason I found out about the label was because Ron Morelli put out some records on another favourite label of mine Hospital Productions, which will no doubt feature in a future post). They deal mainly in….well, I’m not sure of the exact genre label, but it’s basically electronic music that is left of field, but not in an ambient way that you might expect when you hear the phrase “leftfield electronic music”. It’s leans more towards techno and house music, with a strong emphasis on drum programming (an amazing skill, IMHO), but is definitely not the usual kind of obvious, euphoric rhythms that you might associate with house and techno.

Anyway, enough of me badly explaining what it isn’t – here are a few tracks. There were a couple I wanted to include but couldn’t find on Youtube, but I’m sure you get the idea:

NGLY – Jessica Abre Los Ojos

Two Dogs in a House – Scream in the Night

Steve Moore – Zero Point Field

Inhalants – Weed Etiquette

Tzusing – King of Hosts

11 thoughts on “Luke’s Label Lowdown Part 1 – L.I.E.S. Records

  1. Great idea for a sporadic post! I store up suggestions like this to listen to while I work, so I’m looking forward to sticking this on in the morning.

  2. I got through half of this while working – will be back later to finish.

    I love the idea of Labels and those that have a distinct aesthetic to their sound (and look) – obviously 4AD in the ’80’s was my gateway drug to buying records as a whole – and why they need to be on record with a sleeve – heehee – so the labels style comes across.

    L.I.E.S. Records has great sound – it reminded me of the early 90’s when EBM was an industrial sound mixed with goth drum patterns but getting the newly popular rave repetitiveness in their.
    This seems to be the progression of that.
    We made fanzines ‘Headhunter’ and ‘Flux’ that championed that heavy darkwave electronic sound. The off-shoot of French label ‘New Rose’ called ‘Lively Art’ was instantly bought to mind listening (it’s a new sound here – but it had that feel of distorting the ideas to their own ends in a creative way) – great fun – will look out for more.

    • Thanks Shane – Yeah, I love the whole aesthetic and feel of a label having a distinct personality that is instantly recognisable and that you trust to put out stuff that you know will be good, or at least interesting.
      Hadn’t heard of Lively Art, but have just looked them up on Discogs and still hadn’t heard of any of the artists on it! Looks interesting though, so will definitely look some of them up. Cheers!

      • I have a soft spot for Lively art (they payed for advertising in our magazines – heroes!)
        Because of their era – throughout the 80’s into the early 90’s – the sound is quite goth in it’s electronic music use rather than the techno and house feel of L.I.E.S records. Beth might enjoy it more than you – but here’s a quick setlist:

      • Thanks for the playlist Shane – every time I try to listen I get called away to play Go Jetters! Will listen at work in the week. Cheers!

        • Enjoyed that a lot – thanks!

          It sounds like my idea of what early Mute records sounded like, but I haven’t actually heard much early Mute records stuff to verify it – I’ve only read about it!

  3. I listened to it at work aswell today. My favourite track was number 2, Two Dogs in a House. I’m not very good at describing music I’m afraid, but this one just jumped out at me…
    Thanks for doing this.

  4. Thanks Panthersan, I enjoyed all these apart from the first track which didn’t grab me, for some reason. I particularly liked Two Dogs in a House and Inhalants. Back in the day Chrysalis and Dandelion labels could always be relied on to find some good music, I seem to remember Manticore as well but we are digging deep into the archives of my very unreliable memory…

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