The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on K and 2.

The track I’ve chosen is by Kelis from her Kaleidoscope album (double K).  Track 2 is Good Stuff.  Gorgeous bassline.

What is your K2?

30 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. I am sure that most people would expect me to select a track by King Crimson for this, but that would be so obvious.

    Instead, I am going to choose a track by Khan, the band that Steve Hillage formed in 1971, after leaving his first band, Uriel in 1969. Uriel went on to become Egg, a more well-known member of the Canterbury scene.

    Khan only released one album, entitled “Space Shanty” and the second track on it is called Stranded, and here it is

    • I had forgotten about Khan, but I do have an album by Egg. Saw Monty on a TV programme and he seemed damaged, but lovely. The keyboard and singing style is very ‘Canterbury’ on this track, I like it.

      • Beth, the keyboards player is one of those quintessential Canterbury players, Dave Stewart (not the one from The Eurythmics). Glad you enjoyed it.

        Mont Campbell, Dave Stewart and Clive Brooks were all in Egg. Sadly, Clive, who replaced Ken Pustelnik in The Groundhogs, died on Friday –

  2. Oh another one I can do from memory whilst ten miles from my music: track 2 on their Ooh Wallah Wallah LP –

    King Kurt – Destination Zululand

    Archetypal soundtrack to my student years.

  3. My introduction to electric blues was Freddie King. I was about 14, 15 when I was blown away by his San Ho Zay. Tried in vain to get his albums here, what with the protective barrier then. It was more than 8 years before I could get Freddie King Is A Blues Master.

    This is Big Legged Woman from a cleaned up 2015 DVD of his 1972 tour in Germany. Album is called Going Down At Onkel Po’s.

    • I saw Freddie King in the summer of 1976, at the Crystal Palace Bowl. He was on a bill that was topped by Eric Clapton. The other support acts were The Chieftains, The Jess Roden Band, Barbara Dickson and Dick and the Fireman, the latter being an occasional supergroup made up of lots of friends who got together to play good time rock and blues. On this occasion, they included Ronnie Wood and Larry Coryell, both of whom appeared during Clapton’s set, which ended with “Further On Up The Road”, with Freddie joining in and absolutely blowing Clapton away.

      • I saw Larry Coryell later that year! When he came along with John McLaughlin for Shakti’s tour. Amazing guitarist.

      • And he’s just getting started! Halfway down, by the time he’s all warmed up he plays his signature tune Boogie Funk, sweating and grooving:

  4. I forgot to say how much I liked last week’s btw. Will listen to all of this tomorrow – was only listening to Kenickie yesterday…

      • Cider; probably not. If they’d have sung about Thunderbird, I’d have said yes! 😉
        Anyway, doing a mini playlist off the back of this game can throw up an eclectic mix can’t it?! I liked all of these except the 2nd one – I couldn’t get on with it I’m afraid. I particularly liked The King Blues (which I felt was familiar, but don’t think I’ve heard it before) and Kings of Convenience. I look forward to next weeks!

      • We Are Fucking Angry – The King Blues
        …track 2 on Punk & Poetry might well be played evry day for the next 4 weeks – 6 years old already and nothing changes: ‘what are the youth of today like’ he says walking away from the screen he’s trapped on and looks misty eyed at the old poll tax riots photos!

  5. bit of choice this week.
    there’s knuckles the dog – killdozer, there’s cat claw by the kills, and there’s night games by the kvb. so, here’s flight risk from kinski

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