Sounds on Sunday 29

Another great selection of music to brighten your Sunday – have a listen and let us know what you think, in the comments below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Keen – On Your Knees: Severin has picked this one for us – “Several years ago, I sent a recording by my sister’s old band, Keen, to Earworms. The were active in the late eighties and got a few positive reviews in the music press at the time. They only released two four-track vinyl EPs back then but have now managed to get all their recordings, including some demos, released as an album by a German label called Firestation Records.  This one, on Soundcloud, was originally on a 7” EP called “Sad”. It was commented at the time that it’s clearly been influenced by a song called “Politics” by Girls at Our Best. I prefer this one though.”

Bleeder – If You: Alt rock band Bleeder has released the debut single “If You,” released via Potluck Records. Bleeder is a unique project born from author and musician Shelby Smoak’s award-winning novel Bleeder: A Memoir (2013) which won much critical acclaim. This work, which laid bare the raw struggle of living with haemophilia and HIV, is now continued through Smoak’s music.

Blue Movies – Caramel Dreams: Blue Movies’ album, “Disenchantment”, due for release on May 5th, was woven tentatively… (it) came to be through a connection between songwriters Mat Eric Hart and Tom Ball which had its roots in the early summer of 2011. They had been searching for a new sound to work on in Ball’s home-built studio in Hackney, London in what once was an old upholstering workshop. With no destination planned, the two were able to concentrate freely on creating something untouched by the outside world.”

Jon Freeman – Flowers on the Moon: “New York-based musician Jon Freeman has a gripping, quivering vocal presence in addition to hook-y songwriting smarts that makes “Flowers on the Moon” a memorable ditty… “Flowers on the Moon” is more complex than it might seem on the surface. It’s not just a dreamy pop song– it’s an invitation to imagine what we can’t see. All of these different flowers– visions, colors, and perspectives– could exist together like they do in my dreams, but that’s a world we have to build ourselves, from the ground up. We need to imagine, first, in order to create.”

Sophia Dady – Reach You: “Sophia Dady’s latest single is ‘Reach You’, which is taken from her upcoming EP ‘Closure’ due for release on 5th May. Sophia describes herself as a UK singer-songwriter and musician with diverse influences which derive from traditional jazz, pop, folk, with strong ties with Tori Amos and Kate Bush.” 

General Crush – Beautiful Day: “General Crush is the stage name for Boston based singer/producer Ray Ward. His songs blend warm and lush undertones with cerebral storytelling in ways that are entirely his own. “Beautiful Day” creates a warm, chillout vibe, but Ward’s thoughtful and sometimes dark reflections are what stand out as most captivating.”

Shallows – Matter (Farleon Remix) – ““The bounciness of the rhythm is immediately what catches my attention, because I know that’s the rhythm I’m going to stick to on the dance floor. Along with the vocals and the impeccable arrangement, this remix hits on about every level needed to get a bass head like me out of his shell and into the middle of the crowd.” yourEDM – “I love it when the remix sounds better than the original. Farleon reimagined the chord structure in a really tasteful way and delivered a pretty flawless track,” says Shallows.”

Apsley – Fear: “Jacob Apsley is a singer / songwriter from Boise, Idaho and “Fear” is the third single he released under his solo project Apsley. The song itself speaks of the lies that bind us in our mind.”

Joe Hicks – Talk to Me: “Joe Hicks, from Newbury, Berkshire is embarking on his own music project after recently playing as a session guitarist for Sarah Walk and Adam Barnes. Joe is a real music lover and is inspired by the organic side of creating music. He enlists John Martyn, John Mayer, Jamie Woon, Sting and Paul Simon as heavy influencers and why he has such an adulation for song-writing and guitar-based music. Previous release ‘Best Clothes’, was added to the Spotify ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist and has also seen support from Ear To The Ground, tmrw magazine and Sonically Awkward.”

Remington Super 60 – Plastic Duck: “Hello, this is Christoffer Schou from the Norwegian label Cafe Superstar Recordings. I am sending you our brand new release Indie Pop for Kids vol.1 by Norwegian indie band Remington Super 60, but don’t get too discouraged with the word “kids” in the title – this is lovely, childish indie-pop for people of all ages.” (Such a sad song. My illusions are shattered. Ed.) 

J.Bengoy – So Good (I Could Die): “J Bengoy came together late in the summer of 2016 in Burlington, VT. They practiced quietly in a third-floor bedroom for a few months while bonding over a mutual love of seltzer. In early 2017, they moved operations to Burlington’s South End arts district… “So Good (I Could Die)” was written at the end of a beautiful Vermont summer, with all of its accompanying activities… The song is about the inherent paradox of feeling like your life is falling apart in a veritable paradise. The act has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and several blogs with their previous single “Pet Names”.

Rituals of Mine – Ride or Die (Sin Fang rework): “Rituals of Mine released their Ride or Die: The Reworks package in April. Ride or Die:The Reworks also includes remixes of “Ride or Die” by Dedg and Indo. Rituals of Mine are currently working on a new record.”

R G Lowe – State of Play: From the debut album Slow Time, available June 2, 2017 on Western Vinyl. Very evocative, see the Stereogum review here.

Kyle T Hurley – Completely Clarissa’s Crimes: “I wanted to … introduce you to Kyle T. Hurley, a London-based, but USA-born, Country Blues artist, who has been hard at work across the pond, preparing to release his second album, KTH II, this April. Kyle has already premiered tracks to great acclaim with AXSImpose Magazine, and Vents Magazine.

Jon Tessier – Like the Sun: From Spain –Hi, I’m a new artist on the block and would love to share my new song with you, a dark ballad called Like The Sun.”

Tally Spear – Wrong Side of the Road: “Tally Spear’s debut single ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’, is set for release on 5th May. Tally has recently performed on London Live and Sofar Sounds – and headlined the Troubadour in London for her single launch on 3rd May and Pixie Lott Ella Guru Sessions on Thursday 4th May. The song’s organic folk-flecked sound offers a contemporary take on country-tinged American folk music, with ‘60s leaning songwriting, driving drums, harmonised choruses and a sun-kissed demeanour, which soaked by the energised sound of a harmonica, unveils a poignant lyrical undertow conveying emotions far from simple.”  

Sweet Lu – Meet Me At The Crossroads: ““Meet Me At The Crossroads” was released on April 21st by Sweet Lu Records. It is available on CD and digital streaming/ download, whereas soon enough it will be also released on vinyl. On this record, Sweet Lu is joined on the diverse set by pianist Tyrone Jackson, bassist Kevin Smith, and drummer Henry Connerway with occasional contributions by tenor-saxophonist Mace Hibbard, trumpeter Lester Walker and background singer Crystal Monet. The great Donald Brown (an alumnus of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers) is the producer and also guests on piano on some selections.”









6 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 29

  1. I should have mentioned that the slight “buzz” on the keen track (which came from transferring the original recordings) is not present on any of the other tracks on the album. But this one happened to be on Soundcloud so I sent it in. I did forget that this song is too. Advert over, I’ll shut up now.

    • That was the one that I liked the least!

      Keen: On Your Knees – I thought hmm bouncy, pop song until “I’ll​ take​ a chainsaw to your fucking face” woke me up and made me listen again. Very nice.

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