Wilson Wednesday – the Wilson Pickers

So we return to normal programming this week, but can I just say thank you to everyone who said nice things last week. I appreciate your support and well wishes. I am doing ok, although now battling a mildish case of bronchitis – I think the stress of everything must have caught up with me.

Anyway though, onto Wilson Wednesday. The beauty of writing a column such as this one is that as well as revisiting bands in your own music collection, it can force you to explore some other music that you have been meaning to, but just haven’t got around it.

As those of you that still frequent the Guardian RR and/or the Song Bar, will know that I always enjoy a good pun and will often have a go at trying to come up with some good ones at topic’s end. Most of the time I fail, but occasionally I manage to get a gem.

So as a pun-lover, my curiosity was well and truly piqued when I heard of this Australian band, The Wilson Pickers. I know that from the band name you probably would have expected them to be a gangsta rap collective, but I have to advise you that no, they are in fact a country blues band! They have been nominated for two ARIA awards (the Aussie equivalent of the Grammys I guess you would say). They are far removed from the artist whose name they pun.

This track is a fun toetapping piece of country, that manages to throw in all the techniques you would expect – banjo, fiddle, handclapping. It even has something in there for the Iggy Pop fans amongst you. (but I won’t spoil the surprise, you can listen yourself)

Over to you- The Wilson Pickers, would you pick-em?

4 thoughts on “Wilson Wednesday – the Wilson Pickers

    • thanks for reading and listening to my musings Carole. Will see if I can come up with something to your tastes next week (although don’t hold your breath – I haven’t decided who is up next, but there are a few rather forgettable Wilsons that are on my list to feature at some stage)

  1. I enjoyed it, a tuneful piece of fun, lots of skill there. This doesn’t have anything to do with Wilsons but it is equally quirky given that the band’s name is a pun (Steve N’ Seagulls) and they are covering an AC/DC song – with banjos. (Oh, and they’re from Finland). Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Ao-iNPPUc

    • Thanks Ali – happy for you to take the conversation on a pun tangent. Steve N Seagulls is a great name, and that is a fun version of Thunderstruck too.

      In the coming weeks I will have a Wilson with an unlikely cover version too, you have just unknowingly reminded me of someone!

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