Sounds on Sunday 30

Week 30 of this series already, and still lots of great music, with a cracking start from the Ravellas this morning. Hope you enjoy the sounds, please let us have your comments below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Ravellas – Blush: “Ravellas are a 4 piece Indie band from Greater Manchester. Their last release ‘Puppettes’ was featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and currently has over 230k streams. They recently toured with grammy nominated Highly Suspect ending at a sold out Koko in London. The band have a grass roots following, selling out hometown shows and have gained momentum within the industry attracting management and labels, but currently work alone.”

BLVL – Internal Heights: “French group BLVL’s new track “Internal Heights” expertly transitions between lush moments of patient pysch-pop and effervescent bursts of rock-led spaciousness… Here’s the track’s video. The collective defines their music as “dark and atmospheric indie-rock”. Their first video, “Internal Heights”, was directed by KENDY TY.”

Magdalena Bay – Set Me Off: “Magdalena Bay is a pop duo comprised of Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting and vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting and production). After being in both a prog-rock band and a relationship together throughout high school, the couple went to college in different states, causing an abrupt end to their musical and romantic relationship. Now, after two years apart, Matthew and Mica are reunited under Magdalena Bay, driven by a passion for creating crafty and electrifying pop music.”

THAT KIND – Back Roads (feat. Taylor Milne): “Maintaining an ambiguous image, personal details remain obscure, focusing entirely on the haunting and dark atmosphere that connects with people of all ages, genres and cultures. THAT KIND’s… debut single “Backroads” is an honest approach… towards what should be an integral part in today’s music industry.”

Rahmel Lee – Tell Me (feat. Montana B): “Hello, I’ve just released a new electro pop song/video called ‘Tell Me’, produced by Rahmel Lee. Would love it if you’d be happy to listen to it.”

Names – Backs Turned: “Ioan Hazell (vocals/piano) and Joey Robbins (drums) offer a debut single rich in mature insight, a reflection on isolation and urban heartbreak. Musically Names are following in the footsteps of post punk pioneers Joy Division in their singular palette whilst Radiohead and Nick Cave’s uncompromising melodies are also inspirations.”

Edgar Allan Poets – Nibiru: “I’m reaching out to you because our last single “Nibiru” is now live and if you like it, your support would be much appreciated. It’s an intense Rock Ballad that speaks about Nibiru (the PlanetX)…”we are just waves, sea foam in the air, be fine today ’cause tomorrow won’t be the same”.”

Pace – Through Your Fingers: “The Hackney-based trio are back with their third single “Through Your Fingers”, set for release on 12th May on Noon Pacific Records. Forming only last year, lead singer Jamie Ley’s silky vocals were quickly picked up by Bernard Butler, of Suede fame, who went on to produce their first two singles Heartbeat and Foolish, which gained significant attention online. The new release, Through Your Fingers, is a beautifully smooth and endearing ode to seizing the moment.”

Puzzle – Kamikaze: “Enigmatic, pop wizard PUZZLE has revealed his latest video for ‘Kamikaze’, and in it he invites you to unlock Babylon. The lead single from his recently released EP, Babylon, the video flaunts exciting graphics as the visionary urges you not to fear complexity.”

Harry Baker – Holy Grail: “Harry Baker emerged in the music world after the release of his first album “Friends, Themes and Poems” at age 18, after writing and playing the guitar since the age of 10. With positive feedback from guitar legend Jeff Beck, Harry has been gigging all over the country and being situated close to London, he’s made use of his surroundings; performing in clubs and venues around the capital since the age of 16. After leaving college in May, his second album Art.She.Said has taken on a new sound completely, showing off his influences from jazz, hip/hop and R&B and still with a subtle shimmer of his funk-based, bluesy roots.”

5 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 30

  1. I’ve not listened to the last couple of editions of SoS, so I’ve made time to listen this week. I’ll catch up the others later this week, hopefully.

  2. Ravellas – Blush Nothing new of revolutionary here, but a nice piece of New Wave-ish Power Pop. Yeah, this was OK.

    BLVL – Internal Heights Ooh! I like this one. You can hear the influence of people like Air and M83 here, surely? Very evocative and with nice widescreen production. I love the way this grows bigger and bigger. Excellent.

    Magdalena Bay – Set Me Off Very radio-friendly glossy electro-pop. I am sure that this would work really well in the right clubs. In a funny way, it is quite retro. It reminds me of late 90s, early 2000s Kylie pop. It is also a bit Girls Aloud-ish.

    THAT KIND – Back Roads (feat. Taylor Milne) I could have done without the Autotune vocals, to be honest, and I’m not sure that the song needs that kind of treatment. There is a kind of Human League/Depeche Mode thing going on here. I wonder if they should think about a recruiting baritone singer?

    Rahmel Lee – Tell Me (feat. Montana B) Well, I did listen to it, but I have to say that it wasn’t my thing at all. Remember the phrase “landfill indie”? I am wondering if we are now living in a “landfill electro-pop” world now? Also, TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE! I am sick of hearing Autotune everywhere. It makes everything sound the same. It is dull.

    Names – Backs Turned I didn’t really get any Joy Division here, but at least it wasn’t saturated with Autotune. Not a bad effort at all, though, for a first single. Atmospheric and definitely interesting.

    Edgar Allan Poets – Nibiru I’ll admit that I was apprehensive about hearing an “intense Rock Ballad” but this was a lot better than I expected. It was quite chirpy, really and I rather enjoyed it.

    Pace – Through Your Fingers I’m not sure about this one. There is something about it that makes me think it should be accompanied by an annoying video of the band zipping around Broadway Market, nipping in and out of hipster coffee bars and meeting up with suitably hip pretty young girlfriends. Maybe I am just an old, jaded misanthrope?

    Puzzle – Kamikaze Seriously annoying video and I didn’t like the song at all. I’ll admit that I skipped it after about a minute and a half.

    Harry Baker – Holy Grail I almost didn’t bother with this, because I am really not a fan of Spotify (mainly because of its attitude towards musicians and its business plan), but I did and I was glad I’d made the effort. He’s a pretty classy player, isn’t he? Lovely sparse production.

    • I agree with you re Autotune. Not for me at all. Harry Baker was my fave this week, apologies to Ravi as he can’t get Spotify.

  3. Fully on board with the anti autotune comments. What mystifies me is how someone makes a name this way. Even more puzzling is how they buy into their ‘greatness’.
    Hmm the most interesting track is not available for me! *sulk* *pout* but I’ll go with Nibiru as the best of the lot.

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