‘Spillin’ The Beans – “allbut6ix – Like A River”

This week, I am listening to the latest release from allbut6ix, which is the musical brainchild of Canadian Dwight Druick. “Like A River” is the band’s second album and is available to listen here. In Dwight’s own words;

As a musical project, allbut6ix was an idea that was born in the hearts and arms of those that love me, and was brought to fruition with a ‘little king-sized’ help from some of my closest musical friends.


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Earworms 15 May 2017

Rather a thoughtful start to Earworms today, but we can rely on severin to jolly us up again, half way through. Hope you enjoy the music, and don’t forget, if you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send a link or an .mp3 to earworm@tincanland.com, with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. thanks to all contributors.

Black – Water On Snow – DsD: Damn, but I still miss Colin Vearncombe. From the posthumous re-release of his Any Colour You Like compilation, here’s a 7-minute indulgence of one of my favourite voices with a side-order of piquant guitar.

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