Wilson Wednesday – Jimmie Wilson

So the Eurovision Song Contest has been and gone for another year, and Portugal have taken out the prize for the first time in their history. Congratulations to them, especially for doing it with a song fully in Portugese rather than taking the more common path of pandering to the international audiences and singing in English.

Anyway, I can’t say I religiously watched the telecast of the event, but I did catch some bits and pieces along the way, and I might have to quietly admit to enjoying it. Not so much the quality of the music, which I will tactfully say is “variable at best”, but as a spectacle it’s a bit of harmless fun and often good for a laugh. I still don’t understand what my home country is doing there though (did I miss that geography lesson at school?)

My attention however was drawn to the second semi final when the small Republic of San Marino came up on stage, represented by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson. I will ashamedly admit that I know very little about San Marino, other than it is small, near Italy and is renowned by philatelists for its rare postage stamps. Monetta, a San Marino local, has competed at Eurovision for a record four times, and her singing partner this year was none other than Jimmie Wilson, who I have recently found out, is actually an American, whose main claim to fame is playing Barak Obama in a German musical about Obama. Of course, its not uncommon for nations to be represented by other nationalities – Canadian Celine Dion won the contest for Switzerland, you may recall.

In case you missed it, this was San Marino’s Eurovision song. (and don’t blame me if you click on this link!)

They placed last in semi final two, and hence did not make it through to the final, but they looked like they were enjoying themselves up on stage, and, to be fair, I have heard many many worse Eurovision songs than theirs over the years.

So to the American representing San Marino, Jimmie Wilson – welcome to Wilson Wednesday. You can take comfort in the fact that although Eurovision were not interested in your tune, your consolation prize is to be this week’s featured Wilson.

9 thoughts on “Wilson Wednesday – Jimmie Wilson

  1. Actually, San Marino is so near Italy that it is entirely surrounded by Italy. It is to the east of Florence, near Rimini on the Adriatic coast.

  2. I’ve listened to the song now. Not great, but probably better than almost anything else I’ve ever heard on Eurovision, which is irredeemable shit.

    • hahaha Carole. I love that you keep reading my Wilson Wednesdays every week and commenting even though I don’t think I have featured one piece of music that you like yet!!!! Trying to mix it up a bit and feature a few different Wilsons rather than picking some of the more obvious ones. That means that it will be a hit and miss affair from time to time, and I cant just feature my favourite artists week after week.

      But I am going to find a Wilson you like eventually, I promise (..well I at least promise to try)

      Thanks for taking an interest, I do appreciate it.

  3. I didn’t watch Eurovision this year but this song was good fun which is basically what you want from the comp. I admit that the repeated “spirit of the night” kept making me think of the Rocky Horror Show – “creature of the night!”

    • I do know what you mean about the Rocky Horror Show. For me, the one that keeps getting stuck in my head is a 90’s dance track called “Rhythm of the Night”

      Will have to go and listen to some Led Zep or something to get out of that zone.

  4. Ghastly, just ghastly, sorry … the sort of musak you get when you’re put on hold and waiting ten minutes for someone to answer the effing phone, during which time you get more and more annoyed because you can’t turn the music off … but thanks for posting!!!

    • Actually – no – that’s Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons which normally I love … but not when it’s stuck on a loop … pom pom pom pom tiddle pom; pom pom pom pom tiddle pom … pom pom tiddle pom pom pom ad nauseam (bad day at bed rock, sorry again …)

  5. Eurovision is one of the few things on telly I tend to make sure to watch. I don’t always enjoy it, obviously, but I feel strangely drawn to it.That song’s no’ bad – relatively speaking – but if I’m being honest I don’t think Jimmie really needs Monetta.

    My favourite Eurovision memory was three years ago. I do a fair bit of hillwalking here in Scotland, and we happened to end up in Lochinver, which is VERY north west on the day the show was on. It’s a proper international fishing port, and the pub was heaving with all conceivable Euro-nationalities, all entirely engrossed and animated about the on-screen proceedings. The odd thing about it was that the barstaff had decreed that the jukebox had priority, so the sound on the telly was turned off all night.

    The onscreen scoring is more exciting than usual, in that scenario.


    • great story Scott, thanks for sharing.

      I do also know what you mean about Monetta. I guess being from San Marino and a smaller population means that there are less locals to compete with to get a spot.

      The Australian commentators on the coverage were joking that they were just there for the party, but that they were really great people.

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