Earworms 22 May 2017

Happy Monday! It’s all very intense this week. Hope it transports you to somewhere good, it certainly works for me. Thanks for the worms, please keep ‘em coming in, by sending your chosen .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com, with a short paragraph about why you’ve chosen it. Thanks all.

I LIKE TRAINS – X – glassarfemptee: I know there’s a lot of love for iLiKETRAiNS out there. This is from last year’s album, ‘A divorce before marriage’. It is a sneaky track, lulling you into a false sense of security, then unleashing its real earworm at 4 and half minutes in. Then you’re done for.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity – DsD: I’m feeling more than a little bruised at the moment – emotionally, not physically. I don’t wish to elaborate and don’t need sympathy, but I am self-medicating with music. This ten-minute cocktail of JH’s electronica and KA’s falsetto, taken just before bedtime, tends to help me sleep as well as any massage or alcohol would.

Indian Ocean – Tandanu – Ravi Raman: Title track of their seventh album which also features the current line-up and has seven songs featuring seven different collaborations. Tandanu is just a rhythmic word and has no special meaning. The song is based on an old folk song from Karnataka.

Year of No Light – Perséphone (Enna) – AliM: I’m in the same place as DsD. Well, not literally because that would be weird and stalkerish. But my answer is to be noisy about it because otherwise it will fester. So here is a brilliant number, which I’ve already shared with Ravi; discovered courtesy of Spotify, and just the ticket. Best loud, with speakers/headphones.

Image Copyright: boris15 / 123RF Stock Photo

9 thoughts on “Earworms 22 May 2017

  1. I nominated Persephone over at the Song Bar! Just my kind of music. The Nova Collective is also great. Thanks again.
    It will be another couple of hours before I can listen to those new to me, the first two.

  2. I LIKE TRAINS – X Not a band I know well, although I have heard some of their music before. This is more Explosions In The Sky than Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai but effective all the same. I like the way it builds and develops. Heady stuff indeed!

    Jon Hopkins – Immunity The title track from an absolutely brilliant album. I won’t offer sympathy, but I’ll just hope that your emotional bruising resolves itself, DsD.

    Indian Ocean – Tandanu I drifted away into this, but that was a good thing. A lot of absorbing music this week and interesting that disparate pieces of music from different origins can all seem to invoke a similar mental state.

    Year of No Light – Perséphone (Enna) This is promising to take the mood in bit of a different direction, for sure, but, as it unfolds possibly not as far away as all that. It kind of loops us back to the first one, but in a much heavier way. Fantastic.

    I cannot pick a favourite this week because the four tracks worked so brilliantly as a coherent playlist. Absolutely terrific stuff all round.

  3. Funkbrother had nominated another I Like Trains, and that was the first I’d heard of them. X is even better and Jon Hopkins was good too. But though I like them all Persephone is my favourite maybe because I’ve listened to it more often over the past couple of days.
    Love it when musicians explore for over 7/8 minutes.

  4. I Like Trains – Beautiful. I have only heard one of their tunes before. That was Bethesda which I must have downloaded from the R/R Dropbox. Maybe that was the one Funkbrother nominated. Similarly atmospheric and haunting. I like.
    John Hopkins. I hope that DsD’s comments are now historical (don’t know when the worm was sent in) but this does sound like the kind of thing which would soothe a troubled mind. I love the way the voice seems to arrive almost surreptitiously and blend with the music.
    Indian Ocean – Quite hypnotic. Trance-like in fact. Builds in tension as it goes on. Another good one.
    Year of No Light – Blimey. That’s a cracker. As Carole said, it does change the mood a bit but still fits the theme of intense, musical soundscapes. Epic.

    That was good.

    • It was Terra Nova, put up at Song Bar this week. About Scott’s doomed expedition.
      And can I ask if you can box Man In The Long Black Coat for me please? Either the original or the Mark Lannegan. Thanks.

      • I have put both versions from my iTunes into the Earworms folder on Dropbox. For reasons I have never understood, mine come up as M4A files rather than MP3. I hope you can still use. Otherwise maybe someone else can box.

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