RR Films: Dialogue

Donny the blessed peacemaker is trying to get all these Middle Eastern folk to stop making waves, mainly by encouraging dialogue about how awful Iran is (particularly apt now they have re-elected the moderate guy). I do hope Jared and Ivanka find his pills in time and keep him away from Twitter.

But I suppose¬†dialogue is better than just shouting at them or bombing them (see below). It’s good to talk, I seem to remember being told by Bob Hoskins a long time ago, and there are some great films out there that have talking in them!

I’m looking for films this week where talking is at the heart of the experience, where action and even plot are secondary. I thought of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy but instead I’ll pick his talking-head-spinning, Rotoscoped Waking Life.

What films centred around dialogue would you recommend?

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