Sounds on Sunday 32

More Sounds on Sunday for you – no prizes for guessing which is my favourite this week, but what do I know? Have a listen for yourself and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Linn Koch-Emmery – Forever Sounds: “On May 26th we at Welfare Sound & Records released Linn Koch-Emmery’s new single “Forever Sounds”. Linn is from Norrköping, Sweden and has played music her whole life together with her twin sister Lea who now fronts the band Kid Wave. In 2016 she burst onto the scene with her shoegaze inspired debut single “Come Back” which was picked up by DYI magazines best new music and was ravishingly described as Courtney Barnett fronting the Strokes. “Forever Sounds” is the first single from her upcoming debut EP which will arrive later this year.”

JMR – Bound: “A smooth, elegantly soulful ride showcasing JMR’s stunning bellowing vocal and slick minimal electronic production chops, “Bound” is the first single to see a release from his upcoming sophomore EP, Boyish, out May 26. A native of central Florida and the seventh of eight children, JMR began tinkering with his parents’ upright piano at a young age and discovered a natural eclectic love for music, especially drawn to the emotive lyrical and instrumental work of singer-songwriters, gospel, and soul.”

FRND – Be Happy (rework): “FRND is an amazing singer/songwriter/producer so we wanted to preserve some of the beautiful chill and melancholy vibes he delivers on the original. Even though the emotionally-charged vocals still carry the track, we thought amping up some of the electronic elements and adding some gritty texture to it really worked well and resulted in a more energetic but still easy listen. Hope you guys like it!”

Holmesy – Wilder: “Mitchell Holmes aka Holmesy is an 18 year-old Australian musician… “Wilder” was inspired by summer and is best consumed during calm warm summer nights… (it) is (his) debut track… He managed to pull off the best follow up to Petit Biscuit’s hit “Sunset Lover” to date.”

Chris Elliott – Over the Line: “I used to be in a band called Leisure that toured with Girls for their “Album” tour some years ago (Boston Phoenix). We have since broke up and I’ve been working on writing and recording my own music in Boston with a similar sound: dreamy electronica that toes the line between Brit-pop and indie rock. I wrote my second single about a friend stuck in a lease with his ex after a rough breakup. LIYL: Broadcast, Peter Bjorn and John, Borns, and Sylvan Esso.”

Night Drive – Trapeze Artist Regrets: “Brand new single from Night Drive today (May 18) that I thought I’d send your way. One of my personal favourites off their upcoming record.” More here.

The Rebel Light – Where Did All the Love Go? “When I wrote this song, I am not sure anyone could have predicted the political chaos our country would have descended into… each breaking news headline seems worse than the one preceding it & we sit here trying to make sense of the circus unfolding in front of our eyes… I miss that warm fuzzy feeling when things felt right and it seemed like we were all on the same team focused on progress and working towards a brighter future. Well, I can tell you that some of our Love has crossed the pond… We just signed a deal to release ‘Where Did All The Love Go’ in Greece with Panagiotis Loulourgas at Heaven Music, the man behind LP’s breakout success story in Europe.”

Kevin Courtois – Needed You: “Drawing inspiration from The Chainsmokers, French producer Kevin Courtois came up with an energetic dance track titled “Needed You”. Kevin Courtois is a French DJ/ Artist who has been producing and performing since the age of fifteen. Having lived in France, Dominican Republic and USA, Kevin has picked up influences from his surroundings to create an eclectic mix between commercial and house music.”

The Federal Empire’s “The American Dream” casualkimono remix: “The Federal Empire is Chad Wolf and McKay Stevens. Chad’s last project was called Carolina Liar and they went platinum with record sales and had some big radio hits and Billboard charting. The original song was released on their American Dream EP last fall; it was premiered by who said …”the L.A. [duo] uses their sharp songwriting skills to put consumptive, entitled America squarely in their crosshairs.” The original song reached Top 5 on Hype Machine and was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, and now The Federal Empire’s debut EP has over 1 million streams on the streaming platform.”

Death Saddle Syndicate – Darkest Times: “Formed in the summer of 2016, Death Saddle Syndicate is a powerhouse rock trio out of New Haven, Connecticut. The lineup consists of singing drummer Michael Davis-Penta, bassist Jedd Chlebowski, and John Leonard, who brings masterful guitar work and serves as the band’s recording engineer. The group’s skilful writing is displayed on new track “Darkest Times”, which delivers a wall of soaring vocals and heavy yet articulate guitar lines, all paired with moving bass and drum parts that demand attention. With influences spanning a wide timeline of rock history, fans of the genre both past and present will love Death Saddle’s familiar yet refreshingly new sound.”

Stoat – Try not to think about it: More goodies from Stoat – “We have released a new single… It’s called “Try not to think about it” and it’s the title song off the upcoming album. It has a big rolling groove and a heavily harmonised chorus. Stylistically it’s in the same ballpark as Beastie Boys and Talking Heads and maybe a little B52’s…this is the follow up to “Trampolina”, and is the third single from the new album, due for release later in the summer.” (If anyone else is trying to think what the chorus reminds them of; it’s “Mercy Street” by Peter Gabriel. Ed.)

3 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 32

  1. I’ve only listened to the first three so far but I do like that Linn Koch-Emmery single. Reminds me of someone or something. Can’t bring to mind who or what but not Courtney Barnett or The Strokes!

  2. I thought Stoat would be your fave but then a second listen makes me think it’s Linn Koch-Emery.
    I liked Death Saddle Syndicate best with Stoat a close second.
    Thanks Ali and apropos nothing my general rule of thumb is when someone says “what ​do I know,” usually they know much more than they let on 😎

  3. Yes, I do like Stoat. I like Death Saddle Syndicate too. And I’m rather partial to JMR although not my usual sort of thing. But I need to listen to the playlist again!

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