RR Films: Community

My home town has remained in the news here for the past week, as the primordial slime is dredged for clues about our local mass murderer. Much has been written about how us Mancs have pulled together and rejected any message of hate or mistrust and – much as I would like to be cynical about it – I have found tears coming into my eyes on several occasions as stories of solidarity across cultural, religious and ethnic divides have been told. I cannot deny it: I am proud to be part of this community and this city.

So, let’s have your films about community this week. My choice is Pride, the true story of two communities  – miners and gays – overcoming their mutual suspicion and prejudice to fight oppression and spread understanding.

What films about community would you recommend?

RR Films, like me, is taking a break for a week. I’m not sure where RR is going but I’m off to join my amour in the Dominican Republic 🙂