10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Night Train: In 1941 Duke Ellington wrote a short theme which he never recorded. Johnny Hodges took it and developed it into a piece he called “That’s the blues old man”, Duke returned to it and composed a piece using that theme which he called “Happy go-lucky local”. In 1952 Jimmy Forrest who was in the 1940’s band took it and created “Night Train”, it was a big R/B hit in the US. Also in ’52 Buddy Morrow, another big band leader, developed it even further and released it and it became an even bigger hit, to this point it was strictly instrumental and then James Brown added lyrics in 1961 for another hit version.
    I was seriously getting into blues and R/B in that era so all of those versions registered with me; Spotty has ’em all if you want to follow the evolution.
    Needless to say none of those versions bore any similarity to Perry’s or Dub Syndicate’s version.

  2. On a slightly different topic, I hadn’t heard most of those versions since 1940’s/50’s. But when I played them just now at Spotty I clearly remembered and anticipated every note totally clearly! That amazes me. It’s not me, it’s the human brain and it’s ability to remember.

  3. Am I allowed to feel myself at home? I thought there were rules about that sort of thing 😉

    I liked Dub Syndicate – reminded me slightly of Lemon Jelly, though I’m not sure why. Not so keen on tracks 2 and 3 but the rest I liked, particularly the Floyd remix (predictably) and Tonetraeger.

    Thanks Shoey!

  4. Oh shoey! Really looking forward to listening tomorrow… I’ve got a maybe spreadsheet to work thru. I haven’t listened to Shane’s wheel of your tune playlist from last week yet either. Friday stacking up to sound good!

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