Wilson Wednesday – Pee Wee Wilson

Welcome to Wilson Wednesday, where each week we feature a Wilson of some description. And this week, I head back to the antipodes to find you our featured artist.

Last week, over at the Guardian’s Readers Recommend, I managed to get Pairubu to B List the Delltones rendition of Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands.

So, inspired by last week’s RR, this week’s Wilson is none other than Ian “Pee Wee” Wilson from the Delltones. The Delltones are an Australian doo-wop group, that have been actively performing since the 50’s. Ironically named, “Pee Wee” is the tall guy in the group with the deep voice.

This is the sort of thing they were known for originally:

However, don’t think they just remained doing that doo wop stuff, they have, over the years branched into the surf music scene:

They did head over to the UK and try and break the market with the Seekers and the Bee Gees. They even performed on Top of the Pops, but I don’t think the big success came.

In the 80’s, they had somewhat of a revivial. I can’t say I really care for their 80’s stuff at all really, but I have included a link here because this is all about Pee Wee Wilson, and even though I don’t like this song, I have to respect the vocal performance he puts in here.


But I think my favourite Delltones moment is when they gave the doo wop treatment to the Sex Pistols! In the 90’s there was a breakfast radio show in Australia hosted by Andrew Denton. Denton would get artists on it and challenge them to sing  a track they wouldn’t normally do – so you had country artists being asked to sing a song by the Offspring, that sort of thing.  A few CD’s were compiled of the best ones and released for charity, and the Delltones were on this. It was one of my treasured CD’s that I listened to a lot. However, it is now a little bit more uncomfortable because Rolf Harris was also asked to contribute – the song – the Divinyls I Touch Myself. Very unfortunate now based on what we now know.

Back to the Delltones though, and it seems that they took Pretty Vacant and have incorporated it into their shows, based on the clip below.

So there you have it, another Wilson Wednesday down – with the tall, deep vocals of Ian “Pee Wee” Wilson from the Delltones.


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