RIP Tim Hall “Kalyr”

I’ve just heard, via a mutual friend, that Tim has died after several months illness. I’m afraid I don’t have any more information at the moment.

29 thoughts on “RIP Tim Hall “Kalyr”

  1. oh, that is terrible news. Another passionate and enthusiastic music fan gone. I never met, and didn’t really interact with him that much on RR, but he seemed like a good guy. My sympathies to his family and friends.

  2. It is very sad news. I met Tim a few times and he was a really friendly and enthusiastic guy. His love for music was immense and his passion for Panic Room and Mostly Autumn was a deep thing, but he wasn’t defined by his love for those acts. Sarah drew my attention to his sad death last night because it had been reported on the Prog Music Twitter feed

  3. Oh bloody hell. I vaguely thought I hadn’t seen anything from him on Twitter for a while. Lovely guy, incredibly passionate about prog, RPGs and trains, and an often fascinating blog writer. That’s really sad news.

  4. What terribly sad news. I only met him once at an R/T meet but I liked his individuality and his passion. He always championed the music he loved, fashionable or otherwise. I had no idea he was unwell. A sad loss. My condolences to family and friends.

  5. So sorry to hear that. Our musical tastes could hardly be further removed, but I couldn’t help but be won over by his passion and knowledge.

  6. Farewell Tim, gig goer extraordinaire, blogger, gamer, prog lover, reviewer. Gone where it is forever Autumn…

  7. I am sorry to hear that. He was always interesting and enthusiastic about his music; last time I met him I thought he looked very gaunt, but I didn’t expect this. RIP Tim.

  8. That is sad news, and a loss to many musical communities. I would that he had died quickly at an advanced age, at a deeply unfashionable gig, with a smile on his face. So I hope he was able to plan a good end to his life and didn’t suffer too much.

  9. So sorry to hear the news. I met Tim only once, last autumn, and while he looked gaunt he was full of energy. May he rest in peace and be forever remembered for his passionate love of music.

  10. That really is shocking news. We never met but his posts here and on RR always displayed passion and intelligence, and I empathised with his dedication to a select number of artists, often in defiance of more commonly-held opinion. How very very sad.

  11. Rest in peace Kalyr. I think you were too young to die, but it was your time. If there is a prog heaven you will be there now enjoying Gentle Giant and chatting with Keith. All the best, magicman

  12. Kalyr was one of those music nuts who was an ideal fit for RR and the bar. He wrote so much about Mostly Autumn that I eventually felt i was doing him a disservice by not checking them out – so I did, and eventually bought an album by them. Best wishes to his family.

    (ShivSidecar – login long lost)

  13. Gutted to hear this news – he’s been so much a part of this community since it first formed and his enthusiam and gentle humour was always a pleasure to read. My condolences to all his family and friends.

  14. Very sad and shocked to hear this. Whilst our musical taste wasn’t the same, I admired his enthusiasm and often read his blog and followed his twitter thoughts.

  15. Damn, I was just wondering why he hadn’t posted recently — I only knew him through his blog and gaming. My condolences to his friends and loved ones.

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