Rufus Wainwright; I just don’t get it – Discuss


I’ve been keeping something to myself and I’m going to confess it here and now;  I don’t like Rufus Wainwright.

I was listening to a radio programme the other day which was an hour-long special about him and his work.  My ear tuned in to his voice and I realised that I actually find it irritating, grating and overly nasal, and not just when he speaks.  It dawned on me; I don’t get it and never have.  I remember the fuss when his album “Want To” was due out.  Radio DJs I admire and journalists I respect kept saying how amazing it was going to be; we all waited with bated breath.  Of course, I bought it.  It’s been listened to maybe twice and I’ve bought no more.

There is no doubt, he is a talented musician.  His back catalogue is impressive and range of work, broad.  He comes from musical royalty and good stock, there is no doubting his heritage.  And yet, I cannot understand the excitement that constantly surrounds him and his work; I just don’t get it.

Yet again ‘Spillers I come to you to discuss this issue.  Have you ever found yourself to be the lone dissenting voice in a whirlwind of love for an artist? Have you ever found yourself confused by everyone else’s regard for a musician?  Can you persuade me that I am wrong?  Please try to change my mind.