Sounds on Sunday 35

Firstly, “Shout Out to My Ex”, who revealed to me the mysteries of Paste Special, thus making my life easier. And he doesn’t even read this! Hey ho. Anyway, here’s this week’s selection, I’m not going to be around to answer the many thousands of comments (she said, with a touch of irony), but do feel free to discuss, below. Happy listening!

JMR – Harbinger: “Nashville-based artist JMR (real name Joshua Michael Robinson) has self-released his newest body of work, a sophomore EP titled Boyish. …Alongside the EP’s release…, JMR sheds light on a special 3rd single, Harbinger, a track which features the masterful piano work of living legend Robert Glasper (winner of the 2012 Grammy Award for ‘Best R&B Album’) and was co-written by Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Miguel, Estelle).”

The Dream Eaters – Neanderthals: “Off the new album We Are A Curse… a beautiful piece of songwriting and production… the project of Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron (formerly known as ‘Jake and Elizabeth’). Both share vocal duties on this track, in addition to the anthemic choir effect to the chorus… With polished production emphasizing the eclectic nature of quality chamber-pop, from the twinkling choir around 02:40 to the infectious percussive stuttering effect in the first verses, Neanderthals is an impressive project from a quickly rising duo with heaps of potential.”

Rory McVicar – Stroll on the Promenade: Rory McVicar is musician and songwriter currently living in London, UK… (his) first release was a split 7″ single on HowlbackHum with electronic artist Hoofus, featuring the song Hide Yrself. Another single, this time on NRone records, called The Things You Do followed… In November 2007, (he) released his self-titled debut album… tours followed, including festival appearances in the UK and mainland Europe, as well as support slots for Josh T. Pearson, Bat For Lashes and Jason Molina…In February 2010, (he) released his second album, Another Sleepless Night on his own … label… Presently, (he) is putting the finishing touches to his third album, to be released in 2017, following the release of the Toothache/Alone I’ll Be 7″ on Static Caravan records in 2016.”

Amy Steele – Graces:Graces is the new single by Amy Steele, an exceptional singer/songwriter from London who has already won the support of BBC R1, Clash and Wonderland… Alongside developing her sound and fanbase (over 20,000 Facebook Likes and 37,000 twitter followers and growing quickly), Amy has recently completed her doctorate in medicine, making her Dr Steele! …Graces is the first single from Amy’s upcoming EP entitled Memories in Watercolour, an 8-track reflective EP with each track examining a different stage of a relationship. Each track on the EP is a different memory, or colour, that has been slightly degraded.”

Blue Movies – Relax: From “their new album, Disenchantment… A slow listen, this album came to be through a connection between songwriters Mat Eric Hart and Tom Ball which had its roots in the early summer of 2011. They had been searching for a new sound to work on in Ball’s home-built studio in Hackney, London in what once was an old upholstering workshop. With no destination planned, the two were able to concentrate freely on creating something untouched by the outside world.”

La Poré – Close: “La Poré is the project of Nick Samson, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Columbus, Ohio. Samson categorizes his sound as Synth/Psych-Pop, inspired by artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and recent offerings from The Weeknd, Foster the People, Neon Indian, and Tame Impala. Following the debut of the single Close, out on June 9th, La Poré is prepared to record an EP in Summer 2017. Close combines combines captivating synth hooks with driving funk guitar, channeling a retro vibe while aligning with today’s wave of dance artists.”

LeRiche – Under Covers: New single from “Canadian indie-folk singer-songwriter LeRiche… The first offering from his upcoming EP X-Dreamer, the warm track features yearning vocals, soulful harmonies, cluttering percussions, and a euphoric build unfolding from a melancholic start into a glorious all-embracing sound.“Under Covers is about two people at an emotional crossroads”, explains LeRiche talking about his lyrics: “it’s about give and take, intimacy and honesty”. The last words “I love the way we make up under covers”, he admits “I don’t write them very often but this one is a love song.””

Michelles – Reservation: “Michelles’ long awaited sophomore album… is finally ready for release. Clocking in at just under forty minutes, these ten songs range from fuzzed out garage rock stomp to shimmering psychedelic pop, toeing the edge of prog-rock excess, with the whole mess overflowing with space and atmosphere. Recorded throughout 2015 and 2016 in various spaces in Chicago, Dark as a Daisy is a step forward for Michelles, featuring more prominent keyboard usage, expanded song structures, and a blatant disregard for what can be considered rock music in the 21st century. The first single All Is Forgiven was recently released, on February 12th.”

Ideomotor – Do It Again: “Here’s a new Ideomotor song, with their message: “Do It Again is the first track from our upcoming album release. We never doubted the power in this song, which also made it hard to let go until we agreed we’ve made it the best it can be. The song is about looking back, but for us it’s paving the way to the only possible future. We would do it again – over and over. Who knows, it might work for you too.””

Reighnbeau – I Want Love: “Out on 16 June, new track I Want Love from REIGHNBEAU shows his hypnotic electronic sound flowing beautifully, showcasing the human voice aligning with stunning textures. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, REIGHNBEAU is the work of visual and sound artist Bryce Hample. Frequent collaborators include Colleen Johnson (Twig Palace) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto). REIGHNBEAU’s new EP, Hide, was created alongside Madeline Johnston, who has been a longtime collaborator for several years. In the past two years, Johnston and Hample have performed live and toured together as REIGHNBEAU. Johnson’s own project, Sister Grotto, has a new album coming out this year as well (Midwife). Her vocals feature throughout Hide, and the track “I Want Love” specifically is comprised almost entirely of her voice. The duo of REIGHNBEAU will be touring this fall.”

Alanna Eileen – Knowledge: From New Zealand, I know very little about this singer except that she has a beautiful voice. There is a review here and I understand she is touring in the US later this year. She also has a Facebook page.

Sally Caitlin – Poison: “I am a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK, who creates electronic pop music with heartfelt, autobiographical lyrics. My songs are written about my own experiences, which I think gives my music an honesty that is not always seen in commercial pop music, making it easy for people to relate to. I have been writing songs at the piano since the age of 15 and released my first single, Stuck In Limbo, in 2015 following my graduation from university.” This is the second track from new EP Experiments.

The William Shakes – Leaden Messengers: “Shakespearean indie rock project The William Shakes have just released a new music video and track, Leaden Messengers, from their EP How Goes The Night. The William Shakes is as much a concept project as it is a band. Written, produced, and fronted by Mark McGettrick, The William Shakes decontextualizes Shakespearean prose to the tune of alternative indie pop. Leaden Messengers kicks off with a Hives-inspired drum-beat, but interestingly retains the cadence of Shakespeare’s prose throughout. The track is based on the words of Helena, the protagonist of Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well. Lyrically, it explores the feeling of wanting to profess your love for someone, but not being able to find the right words; words are the metaphorical leaden messengers.” (Perhaps they could get together with 7 of clubs? Ed.)

2 thoughts on “Sounds on Sunday 35

  1. I really liked The Dream Eaters song. My favourite of this week I think.

    Also enjoyed the Rory McVicar track although I could hear quite a Johnny Marr/Smiths influence there. Which is not such a bad thing.

    Quite liked Alanna Eileen although the voice just a bit too fragile for my taste. I liked Sally Caitlin’s music very much without enjoying the sentiments of the lyric, well written though it was.

  2. Ha, it looks looks like I have the First Song Syndrome this week! Sort of diminishing returns starting with JMR which I really liked.

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