‘Spillin’ The Beans – To Chechnya With Love: A Benefit Compilation for Chechen LGBTQ+ (Vol 1)

This week, ‘Spillin’ The Beans is stepping sideways to some degree to listen to an album that is all about a particular cause, LGBTQ Rights in Chechnya.


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Earworms 19 June 2017

By the time you read this I hope to be in Prague, my first trip to Europe since 1975, and my first foreign holiday since 2000. Fingers crossed. Anyway, I’ll be back before you know it so here’s this week’s selection; if you have a worm you’d like to share (.mp3 or link) please send it to earworm@tincanland.com, with a short paragraph about why you’ve chosen it. Feel free to discuss below, though I won’t be around to respond for a few days. Sbohem!

Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd – Ravi Raman: Deano’s Wilson post reminded me of this favourite of mine. Just love the audience participation in this. I have been listening to quite a bit of piano after a long time.  Will send in a couple more.

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