Earworms 19 June 2017

By the time you read this I hope to be in Prague, my first trip to Europe since 1975, and my first foreign holiday since 2000. Fingers crossed. Anyway, I’ll be back before you know it so here’s this week’s selection; if you have a worm you’d like to share (.mp3 or link) please send it to earworm@tincanland.com, with a short paragraph about why you’ve chosen it. Feel free to discuss below, though I won’t be around to respond for a few days. Sbohem!

Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd – Ravi Raman: Deano’s Wilson post reminded me of this favourite of mine. Just love the audience participation in this. I have been listening to quite a bit of piano after a long time.  Will send in a couple more.

Albert Castiglia & Graham Wood Drout – Blow Wind Blow – tincanman: Two of Florida’s most respected bluesmen team up often for festivals, and in 2006 made time in their schedules to record a damn-fine, southern rock/blues album, Bittersweet Sessions.

Manic Street Preachers – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – severin: From the Lipstick Traces album which features singles, b sides, live tracks, rarities and cover versions. Including this one. Odd but fun.

Tom Speight – The River: “the first single from Tom Speight’s new EP My My My (rel 28.7.17) …Tom says: ‘I’ve always wanted to record ‘The River’ with Chris Bond…. The production uses a similar palette as ‘Willow Tree’ with its strings, female vocals and double bass. I was lucky enough to have Allie Moss feature on guest vocals, she has such a beautiful tone to her voice.”

Francobollo – Worried Times: Sweden’s Francobollo will release their much-anticipated debut album Long Live Life on July 14th via Square Leg Records. Today the band are sharing a live performance video of new single Worried Times, filmed at their recent sold out show with The Big Moon at London’s Village Underground.

Trü – Kirsti: “NJ-based rockers Trü are sharing “Kirsti,” the latest single off of their forthcoming debut EP. The song premiered on Atwood Magazine who said, “‘Kirsti’ is infectious, timeless and bold – the musical equivalent of throwing rocks at your crush’s second-story window.” (She wishes her name was “Alison”. How could I resist? Ed.)

Image Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_olgacov’>olgacov / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

15 thoughts on “Earworms 19 June 2017

  1. Trust you have / had (depending on when you’re reading this) a great time in Prague – a beautiful city with fabuolous architecture. Try and visit one of the classical concerts that they host in most of the churches nearly every day.

    We listened to two classical buskers under the Powder Tower one night and the sound as it echoed around the gateway was fantastic.

  2. Prague is a beautiful city which I regret only visiting for a few hours. One of those coach tours where you look at the photos afterwards and wish you’d taken notes.
    The Ramsey Lewis version of In Crowd is wonderful of course. Familiar to Brits of my age because it used to be the theme music of Jimmy Savile’s radio show. Doesn’t change the quality of the music of course but the associations are unfortunate once you have remembered why it’s so familiar.
    I will have to listen to the rest later I’m afraid. Out for most of the day.

    • So anyway – The Ramsey Lewis track is still a wonderful piece of piano jazz and the Albert Castiglia & Graham Wood Drout one a fantastic blues guitar workout.

      I wasn’t as enamoured of the Tom Speight the first time. Probably not paying attention as I was perusing the Graun’s news pages at the same time. Sounds very fine indeed on a second listen. Mellow but not bland. Lovely mix of voices.

      Quite liked Francobollo and Trü. The tune of the former initially put me in mind of The Rutles’ “I Must be In Love” although I expect they both remind me of something else.

  3. Enjoy Prague, Ali! It is indeed a lovely and fascinating city (or, at least, it was 12 years ago when I went); just keep an eye out for the stag parties.

  4. Albert Castiglia & Graham Wood Drout – two more names that I’ve added to my Discoveries Diary that I started in 2015 and which has grown really fat. Beautiful version of a favourite song.
    Manic Street Preachers was fun and I quite liked the Francobollo. Not so much the two SoundCloud songs.
    Thanks Ali and let us know how the famed Czech beer was.

    • I was very abstemious, mostly Pilsner Urquell and Kozel, quite light lagers. It was very hot (for me – 32 degrees is my idea of very hot) – so there were a fair few Cokes and Lemonades as well (hangs head in shame).

  5. Late to the party, again. Anyway, have a great time in Prague, Ali.

    Ramsey Lewis Trio – The In Crowd Terrific stuff. I know it well. I love the way that the crowd’s clapping comes across as part of the percussion. Did you know that Maurice White of EW&F fame used to play drums in the Ramsey Lewis Trio?

    Albert Castiglia & Graham Wood Drout – Blow Wind Blow Some delicious blues here. Really liked this a lot.

    Manic Street Preachers – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You I have never got on with the Manics. There is something about their music that I just don’t like. I have no idea why, I just don’t like them. I like their politics, but not the sound they make.

    Tom Speight – The River Lovely. I was thinking it might be a cover version of the song by The Boss, but happily it was a different thing altogether. Really gorgeous track.

    Francobollo – Worried Times This was a bit of a mish-mash, I think. It didn’t excite me, it seemed too disjointed, and I didn’t like the “woo Hoo Hoo” chorus. I skipped it.

    Trü – Kirsti I bet that they own all Big Star’s records. The production sounds a bit too sharp to me but I rather enjoyed it.

    Right. Track Of The Week? It has to be Tom Speight.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful time in Prague, Ali.

    Given the ‘actual summer’ that we are having, the In Crowd had a fittingly hot steamy streets feel, somehow reminding me of Dancing in the Street – definitely track of the week for me. Closely followed by Blow Wind Blow, with some sweet licks. The River was a polished track that I might return to when the weather cools down.

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