Summertime Blues?

Well, we are experiencing the kind of sticky heat that makes the average Briton rip off their clothes and end up an unfashionable lobster red, which is not a look that anyone should really aspire to, but, hey! that’s summer. Anyway, I decided to put a short playlist of summer tunes together, nothing rare here, just the kind of stuff that works well with a sheen of sweat and hopefully something long and cool to drink.

16 thoughts on “Summertime Blues?

  1. I definitely could do with something long and cool to drink. It’s averaging 37°c here and looks like there won’t be any rain to give relief. So to misquote The Merrymen “It’s hot, hot, hot” here. Thanks Carole.

  2. Great playlist Carole. Summer Breeze is a lovely track. I also enjoyed your soul playlist. Summer makes me think reggae. Bob Marley’s Sun is Shining comes to mind today. Although I did just have a bad taste moment; I looked at the thermostat which is in the coolest room in the house and it’s still reading 27 degrees at 6pm. In my head I started singing Nelly’s It’s Hot in Here.

    • Thanks Sarah. I’ve been playing a lot of dub while it’s been hot. Reading, listening to dub, sweating and dozing off.

  3. I recently bought a bargain box-set of five Joan Armatrading albums on CD. All albums I have on vinyl but don’t play nearly often enough. Anyway – I was listening to the Show Some Emotion CD just now and this one (which I had quite forgotten) came up.

    Get in the Sun

  4. Great list. It was 32 degrees in Prague, which is too hot, for me. Now I’m glad I was there and not here, otherwise I would have just vegetated in a sweaty heap and complained a lot (although I think it was cooler up here than you had it down south). When I was doing my degree I came across the Anansi spider stories, one of which I had on tape, and it began: “It was hot, hot, hot, hotter than July…” It stuck in my head.

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