World Music Day

An online magazine I subscribe to tells me it is World Music Day today and it shared this quote:

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”
Ludwig van Beethoven

I am currently sat at my local lido having had an early morning swim, so I can’t share anything right now.  

The website tells me this day is about celebrating the universal language of music.  

So, ‘Spillers, I say “get celebrating” and share something that you think speaks to us all no matter what our preferences or native tongue….

8 thoughts on “World Music Day

  1. My kinda music. This is the title track of L Subramaniam’ s collaborative album, which has Larry Coryell, Stanley Clarke, Tom Scott and Ustad Allah Rakha among others.

  2. “All I know is something like a bird within her sang
    All I know she sang a little while and then flew on
    Tell me all that you know
    I’ll show you
    Snow and rain”

    Robert Hunter’s description of Janis Joplin’s voice (what kind of bird? A canary? An eagle?) is both inadequate (attempts to describe it as are substantial as snow and rain) and gloriously true. As is the band’s attempt to convey it’s musicality, lyricism and power.
    This performance of Bird Song I feel has the ability to connect with any open heart and, being played on one of the hottest days of 1972, it also connects with a couple of other recent Spillposts….

  3. Obviously, the Shed Sessions album is the greatest collection of music recorded anywhere ever – but this is a later couple of tracks (not destroyed by AIDS or Warner Bros Music terrible production) enjoy – it is beautiful – there is nothing more pleasurable than a listen to the Bhundu Boys.

    Bhundu BoysFoolish Harp – Waerera

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