Are Your Ears Burning?

What Have You Been Listening To …

… during what has been an exciting first half of the year.

Only 175 days give or take a few either way until we’ll be submitting our favourite songs of the year to The Festive Spill.

Not wishing to give anything away but I thought I’d highlight some of the fabulous new releases that have featured on Leavey’s Google music playlist over the last six-months. [Note to Ed I do love the New Release section on Google Play every Friday]

As you will hear from the accompanying playlist I’ve discovered some interesting new bands as well as one or two long time favourites.

Honourable mentions for Jake Clemons – Fear & Love, Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Static in the Wires, Alison Krauss – Windy City and another member of the E street band – Little Steven – Soulfire who have all had worthy album releases during the last six-months.

To the playlist:
Chris StapletonFrom A Room: Volume 1 is this year’s follow up to Traveller and continues the modern twist on traditional country, though the track I’ve chosen could easily better Willie Nelson in the cover of Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning.

Mark Lanegan BandGargoyle – this album is phenomenal – selected Nocturne but it could so easily have been any of the others.

The WeeksEasy – perhaps pseudo Kings of Leon, perhaps a little bit of R.E.M. no matter what, this band from Mississippi has released a mighty fine album – Gold Don’t Rust

Vintage TroubleKnock Me Out (single) – who, what where did they come from? In fact they’ve been around since 2010, 3 albums and an EP to date.

Hunter and the BearPaper Heart – been around for five years a mix of English and Scottish but this is their debut album. It’ bluesy, rocky and a drummer whose favourite song is When the Levee Breaks – what’s not to like: You Can Talk.

London GrammarTruth is a Beautiful Thing – has it really been 4 years since their debut album? What can I say about Hannah Reid’s soulful, almost choral vocals – love this album, every last track even the cover of a cover that closes it. [on the deluxe version] For the playlist I’ve selected Rooting For You because I can’t find an accessible YT link for Everyone Else, which is a wonderful track but they are all fabulous.

Jason Isbell and the 400 UnitNashville SoundIf We Were Vampires is a strange topic for a love song but the premise is that if they were Vampires they’d be together forever; knowing they’re not immortal means they’ll work hard at enjoying the moments though selfishly he’s hoping not to be the one left behind.

If there’s one album to buy this year, then buy London Grammar’s, well actually buy two get the Lanegan album as well! Actually if you can push for three albums get Hunter and the Bear’s too. Or sign up to Google Play and listen to them all – other streaming services are available.

leavey’s Listening List

27 thoughts on “Are Your Ears Burning?

  1. So far, this has been the year of the comeback … mainly, i’ve been transported back to the 90s.
    Great new albums by Jesus and Mary Chain, The Blue Aeroplanes (Welcome, Stranger! is my favourite of the year so far), The Godfathers, Ride amongst others. Live, i’ve been to see the 25th Anniversary Tour for Buffalo Tom’s Let Me Come Over, and saw Cardiacs offshoot Spratley’s Japs (they never played live originally). I feel in a bit of a time-warp to be honest. I’m usually quite forward-looking, but 2017 so far has plunged me back to my 20s and i’m not sure i approve.

    • Hi there IvorEngine the year of the comeback … hmmm! not heard of most of the bands you’ve mentioned with the exception of JAMC but 90’s wasn’t really my era but would appreciate a playlist of some of your favourites if you want to post it and I’ll take a listen.

  2. Interesting list, I particularly like Vintage Trouble, Hunter and the Bear and Jason Isbell, all new to me. I’ve listened to so much new stuff on Soundcloud, doing “Sounds on Sunday”, that it’s all become a bit of a blur. Bands or artists I’ve particularly picked up on this year are Chickn; John Fairhurst; Isobel Anderson; Rabbitfoot Capers; William Fitzsimmons; Daryl Kelly and Jon Hart; The Sherlocks. Also watching Glastonbury, I thought Keir was great – I’ve mentioned this elsewhere.

    • Hi there Alimunday, I’ll admit I’ve been a bit of a lax ‘Spiller’ recently but am trying to return to the fold following Sarah’s kick-starting efforts and I will dig out some earworms as there’s plenty of material in the new releases this year.

      Best wishes and thanks for your continued efforts to get people involved.

  3. I haven’t listened to your full list yet, but agree with Chris Stapleton. Likely to always make a list of gorgeous songsters whenever he releases something. What pipes that man has!
    Re Mark Lanegan; I love Beehive on Gargoyle. I love the fact that he sounds so unpolished.

    Stuff I’ve been enjoying this year – some artists I’ve only come across this year and others I’ve known for a while but have released new material recently:
    Loyle Carner – enjoyed by my son and I in the car to and from swim training or anywhere else I need to take him.
    I’ve enjoyed the raw and emotional sounds of Feist’s latest offering, Pleasure which is much less twee than her previous stuff and the 2016 album by Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat to Earth is a good companion to Feist.
    We played Thundercat’s Drunk and Stormzy’s Gang Signs & Prayers a lot in the early part of the year both great in their own ways.
    I think St Etienne’s new album, Home Counties sounds beautifully retro and I’ve enjoyed being propelled back to the days of Foxbase Alpha or So Tough
    I listened to Ryan Adams’ Prisoner quite a bit when it first came out and although I really love most of the stories it feels a bit overlong as an album – maybe one for Fuel to analyse 😉
    From a noise perspective, I was introduced to Creeper earlier this year and thought it would be nonsense, but it is actually quite accessible and hence not bad to have on if you don’t mind a bit of shouty music. Same can be said of Idles’ album Brutalism – good for traffic jams to help you forget how annoyed you are.
    Crikey – this is just a handful of what I’ve been listening to because coming here so frequently introduces me to all sorts.

    • Hi Sarah thanks for the post.

      There’s quite a few names you mention that I’d run a mile from but if you’d like to put up a favourite playlist I’ll take a listen.

      Many thanks for your efforts too to reignite activity on the Spill

  4. Big fan of the new Mark Lanegan as well. I’m also really liking what I’ve heard of the new Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit. I’ll have to give some listening time to Vintage Trouble, The Weeks and Hunter and the Bear. Just yesterday, I actually posted a write up and playlist on my top 3 so far this year. I’d love to hear your take on them if you get the chance.

    • Hi there thefortnightlyplaylist, thanks for popping in and posting.

      I’ll come over and take a listen as we may have similar tastes.


  5. Avid readers of the earworms posts will know that I have been listening to The Unthanks (singing songs of Molly Drake) and the Offa Rex collaboration. Both sent in, in an attempt to look as if this is the tip of a large iceberg. A mere taste of the cornucopia of new music I have been taking in during 2017. This is, of course, entirely untrue.

    Two for 2017

    • If this had been the Festive Spill I’d have guessed Suzi had proffered those tunes 😉

      Thanks for popping by severin

  6. Two bands I discovered this year are Joseph and Lake Street Dive. Apart from them all the new music I’ve heard is via Ali’s Sounds on Sunday, Earworms and Sarah’s posts. Though there is a jazz album that I quite like. Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau, also the names of the two musicians, playing mandolin and piano respectively.

      • Missed you at both RR and SB. Good to see you around.
        Of your list I’ve heard/listened to Mark Lanegan, Chris Stapleton (MBE posts at least one every week at RR), London Grammar and Jason Isbell+ 400. Got two prime candidates for The Spill year lists. Though they are likely to change by year end.

  7. Haven’t listened to any of the offerings you mentioned, so will give this playlist a spin.

    I predict St Etienne’s Home Counties will be my most-played new release of the summer. Father John Misty’s album is an (admittedly overlong and overblown) work of misanthropic genius. Jens Lekman’s is his usual endearing self on his latest, and Jesca Hoop’s Memories Are Now has some lovely moments. I’ve listened to the new Fleet Foxes a couple of times, but it hasn’t captured me in the way their first records did.

    And donds for Sarah’s mention of Weyes Blood from last year, which I’ve only recently discovered.

    • The St Etienne is a joy. So pleased with it. Can’t believe I missed Jesca Hoop. Saw her last year, seeing her later this year too. I keep meaning to listen to the Fleet Foxes new one. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thought that Mountain Goats would have your name on it. I’ve read that it was influenced by The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees so I might take a listen.

    • Have now listened to Mountain Goats and I must say I kinda liked it in a background, non intrusive way.

      I enjoyed their sense of humour with some of the track titles: Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back To Leeds, and For the Portuguese Goth Metal Bands.

      My favourite track was We Do It Different On The West Coast

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