Earworms 26 June 2017

Thanks for all the good wishes for my Prague trip last week, I can recommend it – a beautiful city. Anyway, enough of that – here is a fresh selection of worms for your enjoyment. If you’d like to join in, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors – comments welcome, below.

Offa Rex – The Queen of Hearts/Blackleg Miner – severin: Offa Rex are The Decemberists plus Olivia Chaney on vocals and various instruments. They have an album forthcoming – released in July. These are two of the three tracks available so far. One not so familiar. One well-known from versions by Ewan McColl, Steeleye Span and many others.

Dyke and the Blazers – Shotgun Slim – tincanman: Arlester Christian (Dyke) and band were well known in the funk world in the late 1960s, but had a little bad luck. Wilson Picket had a much bigger hit with their Funky Broadway than they did, and Christian was shot dead in mysterious circumstances at age 27.

M83 feat. Mai Lan – Go! – CaroleBristol: Go! is a track from the 2016 M83 album Junk. It features a singer called Mai Lan Chapiron, who is a French/Vietnamese singer. It also features an uncredited Steve Vai on guitar. I absolutely adore this, it is perfect summer music.

FrøkedalStranger: “Acclaimed Oslo, Norway based artist Frøkedal is today sharing her new single ‘Stranger’. Celebrated by the likes of The New Yorker, The Sunday TimesThe Independent and Q Magazine; new single ‘Stranger’ is a worthy successor to her Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut LP of 2016, ‘Hold On Dreamer’. ‘Stranger’ joins Frøkedal’s already-impressive body of work, having previously collaborated with Robyn Hitchcock and fronted successful Norwegian outfit Harrys Gym. She remains a core member of I Was A King, who count Sufjan Stevens and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake among past collaborators.”

Modern Crowds – I Don’t Mind: “New Jersey-based alt-rockers Modern Crowds have just unveiled “I Don’t Mind,” the first single off of their debut, self-titled album. The song premiered on New Noise Magazine where the band detailed, “We started writing ‘I Don’t Mind’ back in June of last year. It was the first song off of the new record that we came up with and demoed. It’s also the first song that we started with when we began tracking our self-titled LP with Paul Ritchie in September 2016. The song is significant in that while it’s a straight forward rock song, it’s also the first time we began incorporating new instruments such as synthesizers, sitar, and the Nashville style of guitar tuning.”

Nikhil D Souza – Beautiful Mind: Debut single – “Recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles with producers Jamie Hartman (Rag ’n Bone Man) and Jeff Cohen (Macy Gray, Josh Groban), Beautiful Mind builds in emotive power from its stripped-back introduction and into a stirring crescendo of soaring vocals and sweeping strings. As with Still In Love, Nikhil D Souza exhibits a masterly ability to express a maelstrom of emotions – passion, yearning, love, and sorrow and the ability to craft songs, which express universal themes from personal experiences.”

Image Copyright: <a href=’https://www.123rf.com/profile_shamain’>shamain / 123RF Stock Photo</a>


8 thoughts on “Earworms 26 June 2017

  1. Offa Rex – The Queen of Hearts/Blackleg Miner I rather liked the first one. Probably more reminiscent of Trees than the more obvious Fairports or Steeleye Span, I could also imagine it working with a symphonic prog metal arrangement. I liked the electric harpsichord. Not so sure about the second track at first, but it grew on me. I certainly applaud its trades unionist sentiments.

    Dyke and the Blazers – Shotgun Slim Another member of the 27 Club, eh? Spooky. Good track, though it doesn’t really do anything we haven’t heard before. I like it, all the same. Nice horns.

    Frøkedal – Stranger This reminds me of something, but I can’t think what it is. Anyway, it is a nice song and I like it. I can imagine that Severin might like it even more that me.

    Modern Crowds – I Don’t Mind Another psychedelic sort of thing. It is a definite trend these days. The riff reminds me of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” a bit. I really like this one a lot.

    Nikhil D Souza – Beautiful Mind: Debut single Not sure about this one. I think that it is his voice which is the problem. It is too light for all the melodrama in the music.

    So, my fave? It is a toss up between the first Offa Rex track and the one by Modern Crowds. Er, which one? Oh, go on, then. Modern Crowds by a short head.

  2. Dyke and the Blazers – very funky (and a bit scratchy of course). Liked it. I was sure I had another song of theirs in my iTunes but can’t seem to find it.
    M83 – I liked this one even more although you can’t really compare. Complete change of style. A grower I think.
    Frøkedal – Yes, I did enjoy this one a lot. What is it about Norway? Actually, it’s reminding me of something else now but I can’t think what it is either.
    Modern Crowds – Very psychedelic. For some reason it initially put me in mind of Primal Scream’s Moving On Up – although when I played them back to back the resemblance was very slight indeed (if there at all).
    Nikhil D Souza – Quite soothing after the previous. Possibly even a little bit soporific. Pleasant though.

    Here, for anyone interested, is the other Offa Rex song released so far. The Old Churchyard.

  3. Apologies for coming so late and that too to my favourite part of The Spill. Kinda overwhelmed over the past couple of days…. Anyway, a really great mixture this week.
    * Offa Rex: Prefer the Blackleg Miner. The jaunty rhythm underscoring the grim lyrics.
    * Dyke and The Blasters: gosh. So like James Brown’s singing and still so different. Love it.
    *M83 feat. Mai Lan. Wouldn’t have guessed Steve Vai without the prompt. Curiously I am reminded of Flying In A Blue Dream by Satriani.
    * Of the three on Sound Cloud I liked Frokedal the best. Somehow Modern Crowds isn’t doing it for me. Nor Nikhil D’Souza who made a splash 6-7 years back on the indie folk scene here. Good to see him making music again.

    • Oh I forgot,
      (1) superb bass line on the Modern Crowds song. The backing track will be interesting to say the least.
      (2) thanks all and Ali, I’ve cleaned out the folder and added a couple. Should have done it last week 😦

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