Wilson Wednesday – Meri Wilson

Welcome back to Wilson Wednesday. Well last week I thought I had broken the Spill as no-one seemed that interested in Chris Wilson until Ali finally popped up and told me that the youtube links (which work fine down under) were not working in the rest of the world. So much for globalisation. Shame, I actually thought Chris might have appealed to many of you. Never mind. Its becoming more of an issue for me actually, and taking away a bit of enjoyment from RR and Song Bar. But these things happen, and usually there are alternative ways of sourcing the tracks.

Anyway, I am unprepared again this week, so lets go with some novelty double entendre this week, courtesy of Meri Wilson. I didn’t know this song or singer, but stumbled across a mention of it on a blog that I read – where they were talking innuendo songs. This track certainly fits that brief!

Sounds like it charted quite well briefly in the UK.

Will try and write something more insightful for next week.

7 thoughts on “Wilson Wednesday – Meri Wilson

    • trying to provide a range of musical interests Magicman. The Mari you refer to will get a turn at some stage.

      Glad you are liking the Wilson Wednesdays, I was wondering whether I should keep going, so thanks for the encouragement.

  1. May be misremembering but think this made the UK top 20 in ’77 alongside The Sex Pistols & Stranglers.

    A VPN might solve some of your not available problems, if you set it to U.K. Tunnel Bear is a good free one & easy to use.

    • thanks Shoey, I will check it out at some stage…or all of you UK people could get one that sets to Australian (lol joke)

      I would guess that a study of the chart history of novelty songs would reveal that they have charted disproportionately well over the years, and it would be interesting to see some of the quality stuff that they took a place in the charts from.

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