The Wheel of Your Tune

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number.  The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album.  This week’s spin landed on E8.  This week I’ve chosen track 8 from Electronic’s self titled first album.  I very clearly remember buying this record. Get the Message is track 8 and it’s a blinder.

What’s your E8?

26 thoughts on “The Wheel of Your Tune

  1. I was going to pick something by Echo and The Bunnymen but I couldn’t resist this one instead. It is track eight from Brian Eno‘s 1974 album Taking Tiger Mountain(By Strategy). It is called “The True Wheel”.

  2. E8 – that’s Blue Sky off Eat A Peach. The album version is not available on YT but there’s this extended live one

  3. I seem to remember this caught the ear of a few Spillers when I submitted it as an earworm many moons ago: the eighth track of Eleventh Dream Day‘s excellent El Moodio, The Raft.

  4. I would have picked “By This River” by Eno as it’s the eighth track on Before and After Science and probably my favourite of all his recordings.

    As we have already had one Eno song and as this particular one has been mentioned quite a lot recently, I’ll go instead for:

    Earthling – Echo On My Mind

    which is track 8 on their Radar album.

    • Better add a track…

      Bill Evans- Some other time. (Taken from the cd release of Waltz for Debby, whose extra takes push this piece out to 8). The greatest live jazz trio recording ever made, together with Sunday at the Village Vanguard.

      Fans of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue will recognise the intro to Flamenco Sketches here, which Evans actually developed pre-K.O.B. for an earlier version of Some Other Time.

  5. I’ve been rubbish at keeping up – so while I’m awake here’s an E – 8.

    E – 8 tracks playlist

    ESG – Moody (Spaced Out)
    E-Z Rollers – Sunshine People
    Easy – Between John And Yoko
    Enduser ~ Climbing Backwards
    Eric’s Trip – thoroughly
    The Elephants – Caroline Knows
    Elephant Stone – Savage Soul
    The Extra Glenns – Going to Morocco
    The Extra Lens — Ambivalent Cityscape Z

      • I’ve been busy! – here’s dubby for ya:

        Okay – so this is in the spirit of the RR ‘inspired by’ dub rather than a standard dub set.

        It’s meant to have some tracks from Speedy Wunderground – Year 1 but I can’t find them on youtube maybe they are on Spotty. hope you enjoy.

        Here’s DuBBy

          • Mix in these three with the list – lovely dubbly (in a spaced out acid casualty way!).

            Keep Your Eyes Open Boy (Mr Dan’s Shut Eye Dub) Scotti Brains
            Braindead (Mr Dan’s No Brain Dub) Juce
            Hot Night Cold Spaceship (Mr Dan’s Monday Morning Dub) Kate Tempest

          • The KLF are not the easiest to pin down – there was a whole Recovered & Remastered set of EPs – but they seam to have disappeared off my computer too – and some criptic white labels that got stolen/lost/trashed back in the day – hope you enjoy rest anyway

            You might find the ‘Turning orange dubby’ goes quiet after 13 minutes – for some reason there’s a stupid amount of silience attached to the end on some players.

      • I do think if you wanted a dub list inspired by dub that still had a proper liniage to the genre, then shoey would be the one to sort it out – however much I liked on-u-sound system and mad professor etc (look up Baba Zula and Mad Professor for a nuts take on music merging) – my knowledge pails into insignificance to his.

        I was drawn into the idea of taking the plates and re-imagining then – using sampling and the rave culture – so it goes a long way away from the original sound.
        But, as a kid, an old cheesy 2-tone gezzer lived in our village and was an importer of records for Trojan – so his record shop blasted out chilled dub constantly – our musical knowledge was wildly expanded by just sitting on the wall opposite and taking in the sounds.

  6. Feeling a bit old-school thrashy today. This is Exodus with track 8 on their debut thrash metal classic “Bonded by Blood” LP. It sounds a bit slow by today’s standards, but those are some serious riffs!

    Deliver Us To Evil

  7. Ewan MacColl – from the album “Black and White” – “The Manchester Rambler”. Quite appropriate really, I’m only about 25 miles out!

  8. some options:
    the modern age – exitmusic
    the idea of growing old – the features (from Exhibit A)
    we’ve been had – the walkmen (from Everyone who pretended….)

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