‘Spillin’ The Beans – “Daybreak” by The Divisionists

This week I am ‘Spillin’ The Beans on the new album by London band The Divisionists. The album is entitled “Daybreak” and is available here on Bandcamp.

Divisionists - Daybreak (cover)

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Earworms 3 July 2017

It was a long old week last week, what with one thing and another, culminating in a weekend of drinking too much alcohol, catching the sun and general debauchery. So a fairly soothing start to the week for you today. If you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it, and I’ll try and feature it. Many thanks to all contributors.

Lee Ritenour – Daddy Longlicks – Ravi Raman: I’ve been waiting a long time to get some of his music and this collaborative effort was irresistible. From B B King to Slash, it has 20 artists on show and is full of gems. Here it is Joe Robinson (only know what Google tells me about him, Australian guitarist). The six strings also refer to Ritenour’s theory of the aspects of guitar music: jazz, rock, blues, acoustic, country and classical (again from Wiki).

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – glassarfemptee: Once sleeper hits were by word of mouth. These days it’s social media that spreads the word on unknowns. And who could resist a band called “Cigarettes after Sex”? Here are the US band with a slice of dreamy pop.

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