Wilson Wednesday – Al Wilson

Well, last week I promised I would be better prepared. I am here to report that I have let you all down again, and am not better prepared this week.

However, the advantage of picking a topic such as Wilson is that musically they are everywhere, and this week, I draw my inspiration from a regular contributor to the SongBar – Rachel, who posts over there by the name of Uneasy Listening.

For those who weren’t aware, Rachel is from Philadelphia, and has a weekly radio program on a community station there. Much like RR or the Song Bar, Rachel has a topic on her show and presents a playlist of songs on the theme. You can stream the show online or she posts the audio up later for those of us around the world to hear.

Here is the link, I do recommend it:


So, I was listening to her most recent show, and that is where I found this week’s Wilson hiding. So I present to you, American soul singer Al Wilson.

Rachel played this track on her show.

However, doing my unprepared brief research (ie. quickly Wikipedia searching him) it seems that his biggest hit was this one.

Personally, I much prefer The Snake.

So over to you – did you enjoy this week’s Show and Tell, or do you think Al is a bit of a Snake?


3 thoughts on “Wilson Wednesday – Al Wilson

  1. Trump is so taken up with The Snake that he has quoted it’s lines even after winning the presidency. Wilson is not impressed though.
    On a side note, when the radio waves were thrown open in the 90s quite a few of us planned and plotted to get RJ slots. My plans were crushed when the guy in charge said the spiel I gave in my audition was “good gargling but terrible elocution.” So I stayed off limelight! Compiled lists, selected topics and generally built up a library.

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