Ring My Bell…

Bad Co Beer

I’m a sucker for marketing, me. Bill Hicks would be turning in his grave.

I went shopping to (our very local, but nationally award-winning) Keelham Farm Shop for the meat & fresh rolls for yesterday’s impromptu barbecue, and found myself strangely drawn to this section of the off-licence shelves. In the end I bought four individual different cans, none of which I’ve yet drunk. But it gave rise to a thread thought – can I have examples of your big ‘Hits’ &/or ‘Misses’ when you’ve been sucked in by the hype / gimmicks / shiny baubles. And DON’T YOU DARE get all sniffy on me and say you’re too smart for all that rubbish – I’ll call you a liar to your face! [Woah! Heavy, DsD, lighten up! – Ed.]

Fair enough Ed., I apologise. OK folks, keep it light-hearted. Bring ’em to the Sunday table-top sale …

21 thoughts on “Ring My Bell…

  1. I’m sorry to say this DD but my bullshit detector is working just as well now as it did in 1977 so this sort of shit doesn’t even register ! Actually, in truth, this is one of the great advantages of never having any money !

  2. Stick a rose, lightning bolt, Jerry bear, terrapin or skull on it and I can’t resist…..

    I’m told that the beers from the Dark Star Brewing Company are actually rather good.

      • I do have a Garcia-designed tie but that was a present. Ditto a pair of GD skeleton socks and a Garcia-faced (and -handed) T-shirt. The only merchandise I’ve bought is the music in truth.

  3. I once bought some TREX vegetarian lard because of my love of Marc Bolan and also Death vodka coz it looked cute, but generally I’m not the target audience 🙂

    • Er, did they get Bolan to advertise Trex (’cause if they did, I don’t remember it), or was it simply the name coincidence that got you to buy some?
      Death vodka is the skull-shaped bottles, right?

      • They used to briefly have Death cigarettes here, with a skull on the package and the tag line “Don’t Buy Death Cigarettes.” It worked quite well, nobody did.

        • I didn’t see Death cigarettes here, but certain friends always bought Gauloise cigarettes because of various french singers.

      • No he didn’t endorse it, but T Rex/TREX, see? Yes, Death vodka was skull shaped and had a black and silver label. It tasted pretty good actually 🙂

  4. Hello from south-west France, where I have managed to get the WiFi working in our gîte, Monday being the day of the week when all the shops etc are shut and I didn’t have a lot to do. Also, it is overcast, but we will head off somewhere this afternoon.

    What have I bought on impulse or because of the hype? Not a lot really, because I generally avoid advertising and deliberately go out of my way to avoid hyped things, mainly because I have learnt that it is all lies.

    However, I did buy the second album by Terence Trent D’Arby, “Neither Fish nor Flesh” because he was a hot property after his first one. However, it was a massive turkey, being a pretty piss poor impersonation of Prince being psychedelic. It also bombed at the shops and pretty much killed off his career.

    • It did kill his career, but not his releases. I have and love both of his Symphony Or Damn and Vibrator albums. They’re both wildly inconsistent, and more than a little self-indulgent, but both contain some absolute diamonds. If you (or anyone else) is curious, I can Drop ’em in the ‘Box.

  5. Every president I ever voted for. Notably the two that actually won in my lifetime.

    I used to have a thing for designer clothes. Until sometime later in life it dawned on me that the lifestyle that went along with it didn’t suit me at all, and I was happy enough in jeans and the shirts. I am a bona fide minimalist now.

    I fell for Facebook for awhile, but I flushed that toilet.

    But I’m with Funkbrother here, having no money makes it a lot easier not to buy the bullshit these days. As does having a marketing degree, when you’re trained to spin the bullshit, it’s easier to spot it and call it out.

    • I’ve never understood buying a label for clothes. I’ll buy a brand if it means quality/durability, but even that isn’t always dependable. I’ve had three periods of being slavish to Adidas (mostly footwear, but when cotton is ‘in’ for Ts, polos & sweatshirts, they get it damn right), but three much longer periods (in one now) when I wouldn’t touch their stuff with a bargepole.

      • I understand even less buying a label for accessories, with their logo plastered all over them.

        Back when I was staying in London, I asked my friend to explain to me exactly what a chav was. She said it was like someone who wore head to toe Burberry.

  6. I don’t really go for brands either, although the “Comfortably Numb” beer might tempt me to try it. The only thing I can think of is a tub of “Cosmic Catnip” because I liked the illustrations of spaced out cats on the tub. The (then) cats enjoyed it too. The bloke I’m seeing is a sucker for cut price designer clothes but I have no idea why as his style is “mediaeval farmer” according to my son. He must have wardrobes full of the stuff – perhaps I’m not the target audience.

  7. I really want to try that Run the Jewels I.P.A….don’t think they’ll have it in my local off licence though!

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